All About Sovereign Coins

A Gold Sovereign is a gold coin first issued in 1489 for Henry VII of England and still in production as of 2010. It derives the name sovereign since that first gold sovereign showed an image of the king seated on the throne. The sovereign was primarily an official piece of bullion with no mark of value anywhere on the coin itself. There is a large selection of Gold Sovereign coins or related items for sale on eBay at great prices. Plus, eBay is one of the highest rated online shopping sites in the world. The Gold Sovereign offers an excellent way to invest some of your money into gold coins or gold bullion. Gold sovereign coins are seen as a good investment since they always retain the value of the gold content, which may vary, as well as some numismatic value to coin collectors. Gold Sovereigns are widely recognized as one of the most common gold coins, they contain less gold than the Krugerrand which contains a full ounce of pure gold, which makes them more liquid, or in other words easier to sell. Gold, silver, and other precious metals have always been seen as a store of wealth, since its scarcity and universal acceptance as a unit of payment mean that it can never go out of fashion. This is understandable when you consider that in older times wealthy traders may take their coins and have them melted down and turned into useful or decorative objects, such as drinking vessels, etc. Their affluence, it also allowed them to take the gold or silver object to the local mint, melt it down, & turn it back into the same number of gold coins or silver coins that they had owned previously if times became harder.

Due to this reason gold sovereigns, gold coins, and other items made from precious metals are often turned to in times of economic uncertainty (like now!) as an alternative way of holding money. Not only do gold sovereigns look far more attractive than paper money, they are a good hedge against inflation, and against weakening currencies. If you want to buy 1 ounce of gold you could buy 1 krugerrand, which would mean paying the premium over the market price of gold, plus a small premium for the actual coins value, or you would buy 4 sovereigns at the same premium over the market price for gold, plus 4 lots of numismatic value, one for each coin.

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