How Does The Government Survive Its Debt?

I think that the government is maybe to important to not let it go bankrupt. I feel that the consequences for letting this happen are far better than the consequences of doing anything else. I also think this might be true for any other situation. As citizens, it is our duty to inform our elected officials what we think they should do; And, only then can we hold them accountable for whether they choose to listen to their constituents, or not.

If we let the government fail, some social services might suffer for a short period of time. I feel that we must afford society the opportunity to learn from this situation; And, we must thwart the Federal Government from assuming our individual and state sovereignty. Historically, every attempt to nationalize almost anything has failed; And, so we must learn from the past, and hope our elected representatives will chart a course that changes the future we are headed towards. The “New Deal” only prolonged the suffering of the Great Depression by a decade. Welfare destroys families by encouraging single parent families to have more kids. The Government Education system is the worse in all of the developed countries because teachers and school systems are not held accountable to what they ‘produce’ by the people they serve. It is time for the Government to change. It is time for the Government to get out of the ‘people’s way.

That is the key to the entire problem. This socialism is truly a mental disorder; And, I think that it might be a cousin to depression. It is based upon the idea that if only there was someone to ‘save’ the proletariat, or the ‘planet’. I think that I have listened to a lote of socialists, and I like history a great deal. I feel that a socialist’s fundamental error is the belief that there are two types of people; And, that is good people, and then the bad people. For them, good people are always right, and bad people are flawed. This is why a socialist feels as if anyone contradicting them is attacking them personally. I think that another way to say this is that by contradicting them you are pointing out that they are wrong, and by default that makes them a bad person; And, in the end you are indirectly attacking their self image and esteem. I think that most socialists free themselves from this mental disorder by starting to forgive themselves for … everything.

I feel that the only person who can save you, may be you, and your relationship with the Divine. If you are lost then simply ask the angels to help you find your way and they will, regardless of what you believe. They will help you even if you think you are an athiest, or even a Satanist; And, they will help you with what ‘you want’.

I feel that it is time for us to start taking responsibility. We are the ones who let the Government get this way. We are in complete control of our lives, even if we refuse to recognize our control and/or are lost. It is time for us to start talking about the issues that shape our lives, regardless of whether they fall into the realm of religion or politics. That is an easy way for us to help others, and helping others is the only way to help ourselves. I think that if you stay away from talking about political parties and individual people, you might find that most people are very reasonable.

I know that my elected Representative in Congress, as a resident of Walla Walla County in Washington state, is Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodger. I think I have investigated Cathy’s record on what she has voted on and I think she is a great representative. So I intend to be involved in local city and county politics. I intend to vote against Senator Patty Murray and Senator Maria Cantwell; because they are wrong ninety five percent of the time. By vote against I mean I will look at whoever is running against them and vote for the one who I agree with most. This craziness of voting for the lesser of two evils is how we got stuck with ‘evil’ to begin with.

I feel that everyone should maybe go to and look for whoever is the elected officials of your state and look at their record. Then ‘inform’ them of what you think on the major issues we face today. {} This is another good website to help you stay informed of current issues in Washington D.C. with minimal, of your valuable, time invested into it. There are many other free services on the internet that can help you stay informed with only a few minutes a day, at most, invested. I think that the federal and state government shapes our lives so much that maybe we can’t afford not to be the change we know our country needs.

© Brent Ryan
“Give me liberty, or give me death!”

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