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No shutdown, no default: Congress leaders, Obama back deal
… Striving to end a cycle of crisis, congressional leaders and the White House united Tuesday behind an ambitious budget and debt deal aimed at restoring a semblance of order to Capitol Hill and ending the threat of government shutdowns and defaults …
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Government shutdown, debt default and more
She’ll bring us up to speed on the chances of a shutdown, debt default and other legislation aimed at feds. We’ll also get an update on brand-new, harmless-sounding bill, The Retail Investment Act, which NARFE President Richard G. Thissen says could be …


US debt ceiling talks head to the wire
If the ceiling were breached it could entail a debt default, leading to surging interest rates and turmoil in global markets. As the Committee for a … The debt ceiling is a legal limit on the overall stock of debt the government can rack up. It was …
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