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China poised to issue sovereign debt in renminbi in London
China is set to issue government debt in renminbi in London, picking the city as the first overseas financial centre in which to open a sovereign debt market as it ramps up efforts to popularise its currency, officials familiar with the issue said. The …
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Who Benefits From Sovereign Debt Crises? (2/5)
In part one of this series we reported on a resolution to tackle the kind of sovereign debt crises that have hit countries like Greece, Argentina, the Ukraine, an historic and unprecedented move on the part of the UN General Assembly. And we opened our …
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Opinion: About to lose your triple-A credit rating? No one cares anymore
The credit-rating agencies are going through the motions of assessing sovereign debt, and trying to work out whether it is affordable or not. The media duly reports it, and wheels out a couple of analysts to fret about the cataclysmic consequences of a …
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