LINGO: Sovereign Debt
Greeces economic woes have spawned lots of talk about Sovereign Debt. For insight into what this means and why the world is talking about it, LINGO brings you a quick summary, courtesy of McCombs senior lecturer of finance Sandy Leeds.
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In which John explains the Greek debt crisis, which has pushed the Greek government close to defaulting on its loans, the reasons why the Euro zone and the IMF are desperately trying to bail Greece out, and what the rising cost of sovereign debt means for the massive budget deficits throughout the developed world.

Thanks to Karen Kavett at for the illustration.

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17 thoughts on “LINGO: Sovereign Debt”

  1. ҉K҉N҉I҉G҉H҉T҉F҉I҉R҉E҉6҉6҉

    greece is a dumb country. you live in the middle of eu. you are getting billions of €€€ from eu. your negihbor is after china the biggest growing country in the world and according to real growth maybe faster then china. but still you somehow manage to get bancrupt and stay bancrupt for decades xD

  2. GREXIT.. Greece should leave the EU. Every day it is getting more poor and more debt.. After GREXIT, Greece should deny the DEBTS..MERKEL is running the country…Everything sold to Germans..

  3. As of 2019, the Greece debt crisis has settled down. I am not an expert, but I'd you are interested in how, I'm sure there's a good article about it somewhere

  4. Anunnaki Ancient Sumerian - Mesopotamian

    Greece is the best civilization of the ancient time….but what Happed now.

  5. It's cute how he presents himself as an impartial narrator and begins the video with 2 min rant about how debt isn't that bad Hahahahahha nice try there Mr. GREEN

    If you really want to fool us into believing that you're impartial, describe the situation objectively and then describe how both sides of the political spectrum understand it….

  6. Transcendian

    I didn't know MMT in 2010 either. The Fancy Pants Euro the Greeks use is not their currency. Hence the Greeks were conquered by the ECB & German Banks. 14 Greek airports are now owned and operated for the next 60 years by the German Management Corp. Fraport. Italy was advised by Warren Mosler to use the Lira in and for Italians without outright rejecting EU membership but saving itself from the same Econ War as enslaves Greece. In the US during the Trump Admin. States are being set up for debt as they do in fact suffer from the same vulnerabilities as the nationstates of the EU. Why this was not a problem before had to do with how Congress voted for Bills that distributed US Treasury dollars throughout the States. "States have to get used to doing without the help of the US Treasury." Steve Minuchin US Treasury Secretary. He may as well have said "The US Treasury is the exclusive reinsurer for Wall St. banking & Goldman Sachs." The US Treasury is elastic & not at all like the State Treasuries that are dependent on taxes and finite. The US Treasury will provide the money for whatever the US Wants to buy to very large numbers for things & services sold in US dollars that it makes. There is no danger of hyperinflation as in Weimar Germany because Germany had to get French Francs to pay for its war debt. It is like how nations induced to borrow from the IMF have to pay in US Dollars. Next thing you know all the rich grab up the US Dollars and move that money somewhere else and make their poor and working people pay. Current case is Argentina received 50 billion from the IMF. All of it is Economic Warfare in Capitalism.

  7. Debbie’s Island

    I’m just saying I’m greek but if u talk any bad about Greece don’t ok you could but GREECE IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACE EVER greeks are the best ppl ever some ppl r good some bad but most good they had debt but went through it YAY CANT WAIT SO EXCITED TO GO TO GREECE NEXT YEAR WITH MY FAMILY! YAY!YAY!

  8. Great video… question to you, since US owes most of its debt to itself (fed bank), what happens if we forgive our own debt?

  9. Wolfgang Kenshin

    Sad that left-wingers have gone completely into hiding. Clearly, intellectual content was largely produced by those who would be critical of Trump even in his milder days, but now, they've all cowered as an incredibly vocal minority has swarmed comment sections across the web. Will no one tell them the harsh reality they need to hear?

  10. greece should not pay a single euro back.the debt must be erase and leave from EU and Nato immediately

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