The Remaking of Global Finance

From the unbridled growth of cryptocurrencies to the potential decline of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency, the international financial system is undergoing a deep transformation. How should business leaders and policy-makers prepare for the remaking of global finance?
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20 thoughts on “The Remaking of Global Finance”

  1. Professor Jin seems to be well grounded with the current economic state of the world. For the most part the rest of the panel with the exception of Christine Lagarde is lost and should soon be irrelevant.

  2. Professor Jin seemed confrontational ,angry, playing the victim. China needs to find It's place. Jealousy in the U.S. for being great should be there inspiration not there despair.

  3. Voranart Sirisubsoontorn

    Global financing is alright but no necessary global financial rules and regulations has put financial in the bad spot of people but advantages to only a few.

  4. Mnuchin's hiking boots stole the show, and really show where the U.S. currently stands and is climbing to get out of.

  5. 45:00 you mean to say those companies that you choose who to give cheap, easy money to will succeed? You are all succubus's, all of you. The world is watching, and history shows what happens to thieves.

    57:00 It is absolutely laughable how you talk about regulation on cryptocurrencies as "financing terrorism", etc. You mean to say like HSBC and all the other somehow "G-SIFI" institutions haven't been funding and hiding narco-money for the previous century? Who do you think you are talking to here? It is obvious you do not want to lose control of the fiat engine that allows you to profit from both "legal" and "illegal" activities. IMF is such a joke, anyone who disagrees is uneducated.

  6. I wonder, if these jokers are really stupid enough to think that trade balances actually matter? Or is it just normal political posturing to apease the masses. If you are running a deficit, it just means that the chinese buy american stuff with their newfound surpluss dollars, that doesn't cross the borders. Or gov debt, or other financial intruments, that are denominated in dollars. It all flows back.

  7. Global finance is fairy dust. Markets are fughazi casinos. Currencies are human bondage. WEF / CFR serves this war machine. IMF and World Bank(s) "finance" it.

  8. The LAMSTREAM MEDIA TODAY NEEDS to start telling the TRUTH!. Not what they want you to think!. The USA needs to leave the WTO, NAFTA and CAFTA!.

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