United States Budget Dilemma.wmv

United States Budget Dilemma.wmv

ALARMING! Washington’s Dilemma!. Soaring debt and a budget Congress can’t balance. This VIDEO explains WHY. Every person in AMERICA should watch this video! Over 3.6 million VIEWS! http://www.whitehouse.gov/omb/budget

If the U.S. government cut all government services except Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and payments on the debt, federal spending would still outpace revenues. Prof. Antony Davies argues that there are not specific cuts that will enable government to balance the budget. He says, “Nothing less than a redesign will solve this problem.” That redesign should begin by determining what the proper role of government is.

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40 thoughts on “United States Budget Dilemma.wmv”

  1. if you make cuts to social security, medicade, medicare, pensions you will tank the economy, homelessness will be through the roof, and millions could possibly die with no health insurance.

  2. Jarrin Derricks

    Set aside your differences and realize we're all fucked if we don't decide to do what's right. I agree man. Fucking politics has been nothing but a big game to avoid this reality.

  3. 4:18, We don't pay for governments ( that's all borrowed too) but we pay the interest on that.
    The private banking cartel will not allow any government to print its own money.

    A good video but at the end you sound like a fucking, economic advert when you say, we must all suffer cutbacks and pain.

    No we bloody don't, we just write international law forbidding usery and writing of all unconsiderd debt ( money made out of thin air).

    Do that and the governments debt is gone in a flash, while everything else remains the same. We won't even take a cent of the banking cartels wealth when doing this but they'le loose trillions of $ of future profits.


  4. baykoty and arrange meetings around the world, the US terrorizing the planet, forcing them to buy government bonds on which they will not pay. each country to buy them pays tax on America right to exist on the planet etoy. Enough! enough to live at the expense of the whole world! we will not pay you!

  5. 1 we spent more than we taxed
    2 we spent your Social Security and Medicare reserves, too!
    3 So pain for all. OK?

  6. Read Lysander Spooners's No Treason No. 6, The Constitution of No Authority. He has charged that the Feds have no authority to compel us to pay anything or do anything as we do not have a contract to allow them to treat us as their stinkin' naggar slaves (that last is my observation). We have been looted by the elitist politicians with the support of their fawning, sycophantic, obsequious, toady, groveling bootlickers.

  7. Visual Perfection Detailing

    Look man, I appreciate your fancy accounting but if you cut the Obama phone program I can't place my order with QVC for my official 2014 Commemorative Ellis Island collector plate.You will be affecting the importer which is a U.S based company and the manufacturer of my patriotic plate (China) I don't care about the economy I wan't my plate in 3-4 business days!

  8. Voluntary Interaction

    Hal, are you planning on doing an updated video with the latest numbers? And do you have an idea on how one could do this same breakdown for their state? I'm in California and would like to know just how much this government squanders its "revenue."

  9. Kenneth Lowndes

    There are assumptions here that are in need of revision. such as Interest and the kind of money in use.

    Interest is driving Inflation. Interest is the problem, interest is the inflation. Secondly, using the (no)Federal AND (no)Reserve kind of worthless money.

    A Brand New Kind of Dollar, Value Based, such as is the IVAMU, (google it), to REPLACE the unsustainable, perpetual debt based pretense of economy is THE answer. And yes, there really is an doable answer.

    Plus out of the gate, the IVAMU based Currency Standard, rolls back inflation by 6 Plus times. (currently, more as time goes by).

    Because the IVAMU Standard is a Hybrid money, one that CONTAINS REAL precious metals, it can not be "over produced." ( Also google "Odious Debt" )

    SEE for yourself that the ONLY people who OWE the debt, fraudulently created, without our fully informed mutual consent, in its entirety, is NOT an obligation of We the people.

    The only people who owe it are the (non)Federal AND (no)Reserve itself, and its US Congressional enablers. No one else.

  10. Last name, First name. OR Username. "Title of Video." Title of Site. Name
    of institution or publisher, Day Month Year of publication. Medium. Day
    Month Year of access.

    Mason, Hal. "United States Budget Dilemma.wmv." <i>Youtube</i>. Youtube, 14       March 2012. Web. 30 November 2013

  11. I too am an accountant and tax professional and he fails to point out that the payroll tax should not even be in the budget in regards to SS and Medicare because they are funded from the payroll aka FICA tax and Medicare tax.  Also, the spending that was done on two wars, Medicare Part D and tax cuts that were not paid for nor were they put on the budget during the Bush Presidency and President Obama added them in 2009 so he got blamed for Bush's spending.  This guy is wacko, but in a sense I agree that we can never balance the budget, or rather more accurately we can never totally pay off the national debt because of the way the system was set up back in the early 1900's.  It is impossible to predict costs of anything these days given the fact that the Pentagon signs on to no bid contracts that wind up doubling, tripling or quadrupling over their lifetimes.  Nor can we predict the cost of paying for natural disasters.  Most average citizens do not live on what they earn, they borrow for mortgages, cars and credit card debt which far exceeds our national debt.  You do not grow an economy by cuts, but by spending, which is what Eisenhower did after WWII debt was far higher then it is now in relation to GDP.  We need a balance between increased revenues, like getting corporations to pay taxes at all and sensible cuts, but not to anything that actually stimulates the economy, which is what this man would suggest.

  12. Now the government is shut down and is about to default on its debts tomorrow if a deal is not made to raise the debt ceiling.

  13. Can you update this for FY2014 budget. The Gross Federal Debt as a percentage is different from your calculations for FY2013. (Table S-13.)

  14. The American government doesn't create money. the Federal Reserve Bank, which is a wholly privately owned banking institute and not part of the government, creates all money.

  15. Why do people think balancing the budget is a good thing? If you restrict yourself in that way, you will miss most opportunities – losing them to those who borrow to take immediate advantage of them, and you will fall behind those who have borrowed to take advantage of those opportunities.

    Our Main Problem
    One political party promises free money for votes from the shiftless (the largest demograph), with no thought whatsoever to opportunity. Thus, we borrow, over-spend AND take no advantage of opportunities, and thus fall behind those that take such advantages.

  16. What is the proper role of government? WHAT IS THE PROPER ROLE OF GOVERNMENT?!?! It's in the constitution! The purpose of government is to protect the individual rights of its citizens……THATS IT!!! This includes military, LE, and laws. We have strayed far from our original and correct purpose.

  17. Mandatory spending was never the intention of our founders, you are entitled to nothing…Discretionary spending is the job of the U.S. Government. If ppl want to live off Government just move to Europe hahaha

  18. Social welfare is not mentioned in the Constitution and should not be paid by the federal government.  These programs should be cut to zero over time.

  19. FortNikitaBullion

    Why is student loans considered spending?  Don't they have to be paid back even if you die or go bankrupt?

  20. Michael LiVolsi

    The right gets pissed because you are going to have to increase taxes.and cut military . The left gets pissed because you are going to have to cut entitlements.. So the correct answer is to piss off everyone…
    But that takes balls… And Lawyers have none, and the vast majority of our representatives are lawyers. 

  21. Repurplecirculation

    Social Security is not, nor ever has been, an entitlement. It is funded by the American taxpayers and employers and, actually, is a retirement account. If they cancel the SS program, then, by law, FICA payments would have to be stopped as well.
    The following page basically spells out the truth and why we are being duped into believing the entitlement line of complete BS.

  22. To all of the people on the tax the rich tax everybody more bandwagon.
    I want you to seriously sit down and ask yourself if you thought tripling the income of the United States government would keep them out of debt, or if they would just triple their expenditures and stay in debt anyway.

  23. I like how people have these balance the budget discussions while yelling about welfare, social programs, and taxing the rich while not bringing up the loss in govt revenue and well paying jobs that free trade agreements such as NAFTA has cost this country. 

  24. the role of government is protection of property and rights. not to support our unhealthy life styles and fix our mistakes.

  25. I suggest 1 cut to fix the budget. Cut the cord of corporate welfare. That might help, or maybe cutting off the source of debt to begin with. That might actually work. Being honest with people about the source of their currency might help people identify the problem. Because you cant fix a problem that can't be fixed. The fractional reserve system coupled with currency that was born in interest cannot be fixed by any other means then by cutting off the source of the problem. 

  26. I'm seeing so many people in the comments saying (no, all you have to do is raise taxes on the rich.) You could place a 100% tax on the top 1% and it still wouldn't balance the budget. The government spends way too much on spying on its own citizens, giving money to people who CHOOSE not to work, fighting a war on drugs which bankrupts states. Think about how many drug offenders could be working and paying taxes instead of leeching the system in prison. A wealthy society does the job of the government for them FOR FREE. They create jobs, provide technological advancements, medical breakthroughs, a strong economy. Saying the government should tax the rich in order to help the poor is like saying we should kill all the bees so we can pollinate flowers. Bees do it better, faster, and for free. The welfare state removes the motivation to work and become self-sufficient. Which is like pollinating a flower by hand instead of getting rid of welfare programs, motivating people to do well for themselves. Then, you don't HAVE to give them tax dollars for sitting at home doing nothing. They'll go out and make money on their own, just like the bees pollinates for free.

  27. We need to abort the Federal Reserve.  Get rid of the tax havens and loopholes for the wealthy, Have them pay, not their fair share but their SHARE!!!  Tax what land generates and not income.  Legalize hemp and marijuana and get what was in the cartel's hands.  The jobs and taxes would stimulate this economy.  Regulate municipals and utilities, and airwaves so monopolies won't have us by our gonads.  Put jobs back on US soil and give them to Americans.  Stop offshoring funds.  Allow medical and dental for every human in North America and stop letting insurance companies be our Doctors. Open up the Market and if a corporation doesn't play nice, make them pay.  Fine gross polluters Place a small transfer tax for every transaction with stocks and commodities.  There are many solutions. Create a dual monetary system, one that stays within one's community.

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