Who said what and what it meant: The 4th GOP debate, annotated

Who said what and what it meant: The 4th GOP debate, annotated
… income tax rate for individuals, lower the tax for businesses so businesses will compete here and not move operations overseas, and also a plan — the only plan of anybody standing on this stage to get us to a balanced budget by the end of a second …
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Transcript: Read the Full Text of the Fourth Republican Debate in Milwaukee
We're also working with Facebook, who tells us that since the first Republican debate, more than 58 million people have joined the political conversation online. More than 9 million are …. I have a plan that would not only cut taxes, lower the income …
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State lawmakers in Utah to discuss constitutional convention
Democratically controlled Maryland, for example, has endorsed a balanced budget amendment. But the state has also considered resolutions calling for a campaign finance amendment to undo the U.S. Supreme Court's 2010 Citizens United decision lifting …
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A Debate With Bernanke Over the Fed's Easy Money Policies
Mr. Bernanke championed the twin policies of keeping short-term interest rates near zero, for seven years, and of quantitative easing, in which the Fed bought $ 4 trillion of squirrelly debt securities in the market and stuck them on its balance sheet …
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