25 Things You Need to Know About Ted Cruz

25 Things You Need to Know About Ted Cruz
He’s also been the subject of three coloring books: “Ted Cruz to the Future,” “Ted Saves America” and “We ‘C’ Ted Cruz for President,” the sales of which benefit his 2016 campaign. …. On his campaign website, Cruz estimates he can save $ 500 billion …
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On the Granite State trail with John Kasich
Republican presidential hopeful John Kasich tried to underscore his foreign policy chops on Tuesday with a speech in which he called for the United States to organize an international coalition to defeat ISIS on the ground, talked tough about Russia …
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Gov. Kasich at Regent: ‘Zero’ Compromise with ISIS
“The United States can provide the air support and the Jordanians and the Kurds can protect the people who live in the sanctuaries, so the refugees don’t have to find their way out of the Middle East,” he said. Kasich said he would balance the U.S …
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Sen. Rand Paul emphasizes stronger stance on refugee policies
Since 2011, the son of former U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, of Texas, has served in the Senate, where he has advocated for a balanced budget amendment, term limits and privacy reform. In April, he officially announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination …
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