Why The European Periphery Needs A Post-Euro Strategy

Why The European Periphery Needs A Post-Euro Strategy
Ostensibly aimed at ‘severing the link between banks and government’ (just like the banking union) and ‘ensuring long-term debt sustainability’, it calls for: (i) removing the exemption from risk-weighting for sovereign exposures, which essentially …
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How Much Debt is Too Much?
Typically, national debt is measured as a percentage of GDP reflecting the government’s ability to pay interest. But a few suggest that debt as a percentage of taxes is the right metric as the government earns most of its income through taxes. However …
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Argentina in .5bn offer to debt holdouts
Argentina has offered to pay about $ 6.5bn in cash to US holdouts that refused debt restructurings after its 2001 default on $ 100bn, in an attempt to put an end to a decade-long legal dispute dubbed the “sovereign debt trial of the century”. Argentina’s …
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