Is Donald Trump just Smarter than I am?

I have been watching this election process with mild interest over the last few months trying to figure out where it was going and who I would be supporting. While I would probably categorize myself as an independent I have strong ideas about many of the issues and trying to be open minded about both nominated candidates.  However I need to figure out if Mr. Trump is just smarter than I am?  Why would a man interested in my vote for President sound like he is still on TV yelling “You’re Fired”.  This is not TV it’s real life.  When I want to entertained I will watch TV.  When I want someone to represent my country and lead us for the next 4 years I will look for someone I can Trust.

That being said maybe I am missing something in all of this.  Maybe Mr. Trump is just smarter than I am.

 A look at his recent Rants

  • Argument on Social Media with Dead servicemen’s parents
  • Unwillingness to support fellow Republican Politicians
  • Promoting friendship with Putin
  • Calling the Clinton’s crooks
  • Suggesting Somali immigrants are potential terrorists


That’s just this last week and I am sure it doesn’t include everything.

This type of interaction with the media and in public is destroying his credibility and making him trivial and uncontrollable.  He is not addressing issues or at least large issues.  Instead making small issues seem bigger than they are.  These Rants are taking away one of the important things that I think most Americans want – Someone to act Presidential when campaigning for the position of President of the United States.  This does not seem like what we are getting.


Or is Mr. Trump doing all this on purpose

A look at another strategy and why he may be using it.

  • Believes this will be huge participation by the general Population in 2016 as in the Brexit vote.
  • Believes that economy will be showing cracks by Nov
  • Believes that there will be more bad information about Hillary before Nov
  • Believes that the split between the general population and Big Government will widen by Nov
  • Believes chances of foreign conflict that reflects on Obama’s Administration will happen before Nov


Why purposely rant against government and politicians presently in power.

  • By just accusing the present politicians of poor leadership and responsible for all the troubles we are now facing.
  • Show general population that he is not one of them
  • Show GP that professional politicians do not support him
  • Show GP that PAC’s and Wall Street does not support him
  • Tell GP that present politics as usual has gotten us into this mess and have no motivation to get us out of it.
  • Have big banks and Billionaires telling us that Trump will be bad for us.
  • Have pretty much the whole 1% telling us that Trump is bad for us.

This is my question.  Has Mr. Trump’s campaign decided that by separating himself from all of the present political leaders will he then be able to gain our votes if the crap hits the fan before Nov. From a man who has basically come out of nowhere as far as politically, maybe this is a gamble worth taking.

Final note:  No matter what anybody is telling us.  The world economy is going to have a very bad next 4 years.  This will probably take the United States with it.  Meaning whichever political party is in power for the next 4 years is going to be blamed by the other for the next election in 2020.  Maybe Mr. Trump is just being sacrificed by the Republican Party so they can gain control for the 8 years from 2020 and beyond.

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