Maybe Mr Trump is Smarter then Me or How to screw up and get elected President

I recently wrote a piece about Donald Trump questioning why he was being so outrageous in his public appearances. I suggested it was because he had a plan to separate himself from the other politicians in Washington to help get elected. I concluded that Mr. Trump was well aware of what he was doing and had a plan to get himself elected as president. After reading a blog article this weekend by Michael Moore.I realized that I had missed another possible option. That Donald Trump was trying to lose the election and also get removed as a candidate to avoid technically losing the election. These last few weeks could just be his attempt to be removed by the Republican Party as their candidate. Mr. Moore is convinced that Mr. Trump never wanted to be President and this was just an elaborate scheme to improve his standing as a public brand. By being outrageous in typical television fashion he could keep his brand (Trump) in front of the public and get better deals with the different media entities. He didn’t expect to win anything he just wanted people to notice him. However it worked so well that he not only became more popular but ended up winning the Republican Nomination for the Presidency. Mr. Trump basically screwed up in reverse.
Now he has to find a way out and soon or this could be the biggest BAD deal of his career. What Billionaire in his right mind would want to be President of the United States? Have people around you 24/7 and spending your days in meetings and evenings in political functions. The idea of having money is freedom. Being President is not having freedom.
So Mr. Trump being in his right mind (I hope) needs a way out of this. Besides health reasons the only other way I can see out of this is to have the Republican Party throw him out. Otherwise he can take his chances in the election. If he wins he has a job he doesn’t want and if he loses he suffers a blow to his brand (Trump) that may never recover.

I will watch to see how this unfolds.

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