BAIL-IN: Could It Really Happen? [2019-2020 Financial Crisis] Fed Repo Market Bailout End Game

BAIL-IN: Could It Really Happen? [2019-2020 Financial Crisis] Fed Repo Market Bailout End Game

With no end in sight to the Fed Repo Bailouts, it’s time to prepare for BAIL INS. This video explains what bail ins are and why they may be coming.

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No you don’t really own your securities:

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19 thoughts on “BAIL-IN: Could It Really Happen? [2019-2020 Financial Crisis] Fed Repo Market Bailout End Game”

  1. I have not read the bail-in laws yet, so I do have some homework to do. That said, for those that do know about bail-ins, when the financial institution takes the "depositors" money to stabilize their operations, is it temporary or permanent? I mean, if I have $100.00 in the bank, and the bank bails in the $100.00, will I get it back in small increments, at a later date or not at all?

  2. Gold was confiscated in the past and will be easy to do it again, when they want something… a law will pass and make it all legal!

  3. Could you make a video talking about the current status of the financial market and your outlook for the coming 1-2 years? Thanks!

  4. even worse. why do a bail-in when they can just inflate the money supply and make your deposits worthless without a fight or headline.

  5. Can you share more info on the Dodd-Frank Act permitting bail-ins from depositors? There is a 848-page PDF on the Act. Which section describes bail-ins? Thanks!

  6. Damn right it will happen. They have tested bail ins in cypress, Spain etc already. Most people have their investments in digital money and that is controlled by the banksters, insurance companies, pensions and the government. They will take what they want. Shame on us for going along with their nonsense! Fraud and theft!!! Over and over again!

  7. In the EU the Greece and Cyprus Bail-ins are quite famous. All downhill from there. For now the countries are backed by the ECB to guarantee €100.000,= refund on a deposit account and "only" €20.000,= on a broker account. So all of you in the EU, watch it. I told my brother to sell every stock he had in his account before he loses all. The rules do only say to put a claim in at your Government. They do NOT say under what obligation your Government must act (response time, partially or full returns etc,). Don't forget, your money in the Bank they do not have to give back. Your loan to them.

  8. Jeff, you did not answer the real question on where the REPO money that the Fed is injecting into the system and where is it going. If there is a problem in the REPO market, at some point all of the banks would cease to rely on the REPO market for money and shore up their own shortfalls. What I am concerned about is that I feel banks are taking this money and investing it into IPO's and the market to artificially inflate the market to make it appear all is well when indeed it is not. Also, who is behind manipulating the price of silver and gold? I know that the US has a huge interest in keeping prices of Silver and Gold low and that is because the US has decreased it's ownership of Gold and Silver while Russia and China have increased their holdings. It seems as though if Gold and Silver should rise to the level that they should be at in today's valuation, the US would look very bad in the financial markets and China and Russia would be sitting very well. Am I off base or is there an underlying issue that no one wants to talk about?????

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