Bank Collapse In America! $206 Trillion Debt – Prepare For Economic Collapse 2020 Stock Market CRASH

The economic collapse is already here. It’s already here; they’re just not televising it. There are not telling you about it.

If you look at central bankers, they’ve never been right about any stock market crash, any depression, any recessions ever. Bank failures are happening all over America. The bank collapse has started, for weeks now the Fed is bailing out the rotten bankers left and right. The Fed is easing restrictions, easing laws to eliminate what bankers need to do risky investing with your money. Your money, the money you put into savings or checking accounts that they’re holding, their gambling with it on derivatives. So what’s happening is that bankers are in trouble; they’re not liquid they don’t have cash. Bank to bank lending called the repo hit up to almost 10%, which is crazy when interest rates at all-time low almost at 0%. In America, we never had interest rates this low before. What I want you to pay attention to is what happened in 2006; in 2006, there were zero bank failures, and then in 2007, there were three bank failures. And then it went to 25 bank collapses in 2008 and we experienced a huge stock market crash and global financial collapse.

Now what I want to show you right now is 2018 has zero bank failures in 2019 has three bank failures. This looks like the exact same thing that’s happened 11 years ago; then, what is going to happen in 2020. First, it was Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and now Capital One. They’re all going down for many days. Is this a show? Is this a test run? This doesn’t look natural to me. We have a REPO Crisis; A Liquidity Crisis; A Pension Crisis; A Sovereign Debt Crisis; a monetary crisis; and a crisis of the democratic model with mounting turmoils and ever-increasing separatist movements around the globe. He who panics first; panics best. Capital One Bank went down for hours. The banks are down; this is the third bank in just a few months that’s been totally down. We had Wells Fargo a couple of months ago that was totally down, and then we had Bank of America; it was entirely down. And now it’s Capital One that is down. And by all means no word of it in the news.
Guess what, thousands of people failed to gain access to their money to pay rent; or to buy food or to buy lunch or pay for their gas; because their system was all down. Now is this a coincidence? This is the third freaking bank in less than a couple of months that has been totally down. Are they getting hacked? Is this occurring due to the repo market? Or because there’s no liquidity?

That’s why the Fed is bailing out these banks a the tune of a hundred and fifty billion, not millions, but billions a day, every day. That is a bail to these rotten banksters at a hundred and fifty billion per day.

The bank collapse has actually started. That’s why we have the repo market. This time the Fed doesn’t have the mini-stimulus to inject the patient, the economy to survive because they’re already at all-time low-interest-rate they already you know or be queuing money they’re already Belling out banks As reported by to Bloomberg; Global banks are inadvertently stocking up on risky corporate loans as a result of investors starting to slash risk in the credit markets. Barkleys and Deutsche Bank are complicated bankers, but last to see investors getting ready for the 2019 recession, and smart money leaving markets. Billions are small when taking into account Trillion dollar in negative yield bonds that project vulnerability to every country. I cannot remember ever having repos and zero percent interest rates at the same time. How can we have a shortage of liquidity; when at the same time, money is being loaned at that sort of low rate? Quantitative easing is not anymore working, and the banks can’t borrow any more money. At a particular point, there will be a big bank collapse or multiple failures, which will include at the very least some kind of a bail-in and supposedly some sort of bailout, even though they might name it something else. When and which banks, is still to be disclosed. The repos are the last line of protection.

The level of recklessness and arrogance showed towards ordinary people, and the real economy is staggering, but then again, we all know what is at stake here – the very survival of the US Dollar.


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18 thoughts on “Bank Collapse In America! $206 Trillion Debt – Prepare For Economic Collapse 2020 Stock Market CRASH”

  1. alexgrimmaster1

    Freakin hell man 08 and now this going im just getting sick of this we all need to follow Andrew Jackson and kill the damn thing all of it

  2. Imonmion Samuel

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    The World has proved that we do not need money. Here is my theory behind this.

    1. How can a country, aka America be in debt by over $200tn and continue to service the debt?. Well it can't, and will never pay the money back, which means that all debt is meaningless and is a part of the control mechanism in place. Religion is the other control mechanism which obviously has collapsed as we realise that it is a load of old tott. Not Spiritualism, but religion is a load of old tott that has been put in front of the human race as a control mechanism.

    2. A huge company can lose billions per annum, but never be shut down and are seemingly able to take loan after loan after loan, with no way or strategy to pay it back. This again, is further proof of the control mechanism which is money, which we do not need.

    3. Because these debts will never be paid back, this actually means that money is a complete and utter non starter now. Again, it is a part of their control mechanism.

    I see it, I have done for years. I see how they manipulate the markets, steal from the markets for their black projects and space enterprises to save their arses with OUR money. The sooner you all wake up to this very fact, they are stealing from all of us, for their own benefit and to save their own arses as the Pole-Shift is coming. They have been taking huge sums of money for their pitiful space enterprises since the 1950's and again, MONEY is that control mechanism that keeps them in power. Their manpulation of currencies, economics, people means they have complete autonomy over what they do and they get away with it, because most people simply do not see what is going on, or do not care.

    You need to care, because they are taking from everyone for their own benefit. Not ours, not anyone elses but that top 1%. The removal of these powers is possible and we need a great rebellion leader to rise and topple them. This is not impossible that this could happen and at anytime, because the next crash and it is coming, they will take even more money and so on.

    I say slay the banks, slay the top 1%, remove them from power, redistribute their money to the poorest in society, cap all earnings to a much more agreeable and acceptable level with the rest going into the infrastructure of our entire planet. Think it wont happen?. Well it will if we have a great leader rise who will war with those Governments, whether through strikes against specific Government targets, including military installations, or through other means, such as theft of country Gold reserves, etc, etc to reiterate that the people, general public are really who run the show. You just do not realize this yet, so when you do, then you will see what they have been doing and prepare to join the rebellion which is inevitably going to come. Do not be afraid, without us, these arse holes at the top, simply do not exist.

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  5. It's going to be a demand's side economic crisis so what should we do? Save our banks so they can deepen it. Xd Nope we should aim for better and productive supplier systems and reduce and diversify the demand. XD

  6. When Russia started to buy lots of gold a few months ago that was a clear sign of what was coming. Btw, they'll find a way not to default, if it gets too bad the Fed will go to the IMF who prints their own money, and before January 1st the banks were already liquidating their dollar denominated positions in favor of the yen just look at the charts

  7. So profoundly dumb.. People who pretend to know what MMT is but brutally misunderstand what it actually is or means. Only free marketers think blowing the budget appart with tax cuts to the rich will achieve anything or that blowing trillions on foreign wars qualifies as 'stimulus'. MMT specifically says you will only get inflation if the money enters economic circulation (which is generally true)… It is actually China who has followed something like MMT and they have achieved huge growth although also generated major instability..

  8. US mearly floating before sinking, the government department staff are in safest side compare to the other company employee.. sad to see this… more homeless are coming..

  9. All the smart investors took action in 2018 to protect their money and 401’s. If you’re waiting for the last minute, wake up it’s here

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