The fed had to come to the rescue of over-leveraged lenders amid a liquidity panic causing the overnight funds rate to surge! Is this the beginning of the next banking crisis or just a bump in the road to endless prosperity?
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In tonight’s update, we’ll talk about the potential dollar liquidity crisis coming at the end of the year and why the popular view of what may happen is likely wrong.

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  1. Pretty nice explanation but you sort of glossed over the feds explanation that it was merely due to the banks having to pay their taxes. Really? Don't they have to pay quarterly taxes every 3 months? I don't buy that b***** and If the Fed is hiding the true reason well then that is not good.

  2. It's crazy that the public doesn't understand that as soon as your bank deposit clears your money is immediately lent out to whomever has a decent credit score. Banks have subverted the trust of the people by creating the illusion that your money is always there and available.

  3. I still don't get it. If banks lend each other money and they don't find a partner how comes the "liquidity" of the central bank in the game? As a lending partner? If yes, it is a repurchase, so the central bank gets all of it's money back next day, next week or at time of the repurchase? So everything is fine then? Or the other way round: If they don't get it back, as it seems, because they put another 75 billion in each day, where does the money go?

  4. Bill Clinton is at fault for reopening derivative lending after it was outlawed in the last depression. History is repeating itself, and we can not question the Clintons about this or child trafficking. We have to pay for the elites wealth at our expense

  5. It's a debt based system that's a Ponzi scheme at best. There's no real value in US dollar. It's a "promissory note". What that means is its an I Owe U note. It's a promise to pay back the debt! If you look at the money, it all says note on it.
    This is part of their plan. To collapse the economy. It's going to happen. So best get prepped as fast as you can for it. I suggest silver. Forget electronic money. It's worthless in a grid down situation.

  6. I'm on Disability (SSDI) and thinking of withdrawing my 401k, it's not much just $15,000, but better safe than sorry.

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