Fed REPO Pumping Cash Absolute Panic To Save Markets! 401k’s and Pensions At Risk

Fed REPO Pumping Cash Absolute Panic To Save Markets! 401k’s and Pensions At Risk

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David Quintieri, author of The Money GPS book series, is here on the most active, most informative channel in the financial world. Day after day, breaking down the data and making it easy to understand.
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18 thoughts on “Fed REPO Pumping Cash Absolute Panic To Save Markets! 401k’s and Pensions At Risk”

  1. Insane levels of intervention. It's as if the Fed and other central banks have no desire to leave any value in currency whatsoever. Truthfully, there's no point in time in which a fiat currency survives. It must go to its intrinsic value. I would argue that the ink-filled paper is quite worthless for the most part. At least I could draw on a blank sheet. What will you do with all of your fiat currency? Heat your home? Have a bonfire? Use as bathroom tissue?

  2. Black swan event? Brexit takes down Deutsche Bank. Toxic Sub-Prime Auto bonds takes down the banks and then bank depositors learn whose money was being gambled after via bail-ins. REPOs being broken and stocks and bonds being dumped on the market which crashes. Democrats sending impeachment proceedings to the Senate. The U.S. is going to be incapable of paying the interest on the debt without printing money. All of the alternative financial observers/commenters are in an utter frenzy over the last month. I think we are looking at a flock of black swans. I am in Puts and scratching to buy more. The risk/reward seems attractive to me. I can take the loss if nothing happens.

  3. Are the feds printing money for these… or how do the feds get billions of dollars to pump into these banks.

  4. I've noticed that often your graphs are not accurate. By this I mean that the grading numbers on the right at 11:35 are not linear but, perhaps, exponential? I understand that if they were linear the graph would not enter the screen but it would increase the slope and really show the steep decline.

  5. David, I feel like a dummy asking, but could you explain what "repo" in this context really means? I have searched online about the subject, but nothing that I have found makes sense to me. Help!

  6. Remember, endgame is everybody being chipped. Cashless society. If something needs to be payed it’s taken off straight away,even though it’s not convenient at that time. Total control of cashflow. Is total control over a nation. Rothschild agenda.

  7. I have a question, what I'd the market crashes and America abolished the federal reserve and went back to the gold standard?

  8. GPS was is fire! Charts indicating things are NOT fine and the curtain is pulled way back so you can see the trick that’s been played. They say stay calm don’t worry everything’s fine, keep putting your money into investments there will be no problem. The research GPS has done clearly shows that things are totally opposite that we can’t pay pensions, people are starting to default and safety nets are being cut. But everythingβ€˜s fine just keep your eyes closed so you don’t see it. I’ve seen this three times in my life and it ends very badly and the deniers/haters end up paying dearly and then complaining about it. As they say β€œa fool and his money are soon separated”

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