Former Fed Insiders on Repo Market Madness (w/ George Goncalves & Danielle DiMartino Booth)

Danielle DiMartino Booth, chief strategist at Quill Intelligence, interviews George Goncalves of The Bond Strategist in his first appearance on Real Vision. As former insiders of the Dallas Fed and US Treasury primary dealers, Danielle and George deconstruct the US Dollar liquidity problems and help clarify the major structural issues confronting the repo markets. Filmed on September 18, 2019 in New York.

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Former Fed Insiders on Repo Market Madness (w/ George Goncalves & Danielle DiMartino Booth)

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20 thoughts on “Former Fed Insiders on Repo Market Madness (w/ George Goncalves & Danielle DiMartino Booth)”

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  2. I don't trust a word she says.
    These days a lot of fake news and propaganda is put out by entities who are trying to fool people with their own ex-employees masquerading as whistle blowers.

  3. "We The People" need to dismantle and remove the ruling class and take back our country. We must restore the Constitution and reign in the MSM, abolish the federal reserve and IRS, set term limits on Congress, overturn citizens United, remove the lobbyists and private interests from our political system, and start taking care of Americans again. Instead of bullying and belittling each other for having opposing views or opinions we need to unite and work together to regain control of our nation.

  4. how far can we live on printed debt/money? every single empire before us has given us the answer to that question… yet the fed is repeating the same mistakes. Amazing interview BTW, thank you

  5. Repo Market and QE Light helps 50K people continue the PONZI scheme while 290M struggle to survive, buy gas, feed, and medical. Not going in the right direction since Reagan Allowed Laffer and friends to RIG the system. Supplyside is the crushing underbelly

  6. the worst interview ever. She asks a question, he makes it clear the answer is long and complex, and then she changes the subject before the guy can even finish the background. Repeat over and over.

  7. Women are becoming a strong force in the financial markets. It took time for women to learn to survive in this cut-throat business, but what is being produced is a new breed of genius, and it will be women leading the way!

  8. until more of the folks in the "middle class" own business and investments the true definition of middle class instead of more cars, stuff and vacations it wont balance out.

  9. YET NOW ! the 'banks' refuse to be induced to 'distribute' it' ? WHY ?
    BECAUSE to do so, would 'caste the whole of humanity' into the 'bottomless pit of debt' from which there is no escape, only inevitable agonising pain and EXTINCTION !

  10. JUBILEE !. The 'simple CURE', for this 'satanic disease' is a 'TOTAL currency reset' PLUS ANNULMENT of any'financial contract value', above that which the 'contractor tangibly possess's, having value equivalence'[ having means to pay total now, must eventually pay ].NO SUCH ANNULMENT for any 'licensed money supplier'.

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