Four experts weigh in on the Fed's repo operation

David Wessel, director of the Hutchins Center on Fiscal and Monetary Policy at the Brookings Institution; Neil Irwin, senior economics correspondent for the New York Times; CNBC’s Steve Liesman; and Ken Langone, founder of Invemed Associates and co-founder of Home Depot, join “Squawk Box” as investors count down to the Fed’s announcement on interest rates.

20 thoughts on “Four experts weigh in on the Fed's repo operation”

  1. What a bunch of damned liars! The central banks are BROKE, here a month later and the Fed is STILL printing BILLIONS every single day and giving it to the banks. People, take your money out period. Frank/Dodd says if they go broke, we get nothing. It WILL happen. We soon will not be trading oil with US dollars because of China and Russia.

  2. If a good idea…then a betterone would be to give every American a zero interest loan…with a pre signed and authorized bankruptcy application.

  3. I have been watching these so called experts talked for years and trust me, they are always wrong. Why? Because they are part of the "HERD." Stockmarket investment is a zero sum game . Be a Contrarian.

  4. Ken Langone is an idiot. A supply sider, he doesnt think any worker is worth more than minimum wage and the C Suite deserves all the credit and profits of the company's success.

  5. 9-18-2019 till now 1.10 Trillion dollars pumped into the Banks, and supposed to last until October 10, 2019. Who’s lying

  6. No bank have enough money that is required so they have to go to repo but no one trust each other. Fed have already toss in 400 billion and more each week. I’m taking my money out of bank and invest in bank of China. Dollar is useless in the world. Recession is already happening.

  7. The Fed is illegal and UNCONSTITUTIONAL! TOTAL PONZI SCHEME. Constitution does not allow the United States to be charged interest!! Treasury Department only government body authorized to print US money that should be backed by gold and silver. Screw all of you all old COMMIE dumb bastards! Fed is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!! Central banks have enslaved the world and taken America hostage to the tune of $22 trillion in debt!!!

  8. How can a non government entity ( federal reserve) so called bank and other to big to fail banks enslave the people of America into depth by there own mishandling and spending of our money have the rights and ability to do so ? Why we allow this to continue !! Why aren't the people protesting and rioting in the streets of America to end the fed ? Is it we're to stupid like the government knows we are ! But we will riot and burn down cities for lake of foodstamps for those who refuse to work.. GOD help us all. America is done far as a NATION.

  9. Anjar Ciptandini

    USD 278Bn created from thin air, just to be vanished into ledgers.

    Nothing being discussed as to why the problem arise in the first place. The cure will always be seen as positive, but, to actually heal the illness you have to at least find what went wrong.

    If this had happened outside the US, the value of the currency would have been crashed. When you flood the markets with liquidity, this would normally followed by correction in the currency’s exchange value.

  10. Hahaha! they're running out of fake Monopoly money and accounts they use to pretend they actually have money and assets that they are lending out. And on top of that, they don't even trust that banks wont even pay each other back! That says a lot in itself, that the Banks do not trust Banks to pay each other back their loans. But the public is supposed to believe that their is nothing wrong with the economy. And what this dude is basically saying on this CNBC video is to find a way to sell a lie to the public so they will believe that the economy isn't about to crash.

  11. Billionair from Home Depot says economy is in good shape. Let him go work at Home depot for 9 dollars an hour for a year and then ask him if the economy is in good shape. Let him try to pay his bills on 9 dollars an hour. I made 9 dollars an hour while in high school in 1980.

  12. 300 billion dollars in 4 days is not a technical mistake. 300 billion does not just disappear over night causing banks to run out of money. It's going some place.

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