Gandhi could have won the Presidential Election and women still would have Protested

I have a question to all of you surrounding the events of today. Watching all the women’s marches today protesting Trump being elected and the media’s touting how upset these marchers are. Please tell me this was more then a gender issue because their candidate lost and any man who beat her would have to be the devil incarnate. How much of this perceived hatred of Trump is just women feeling betrayed by men. We did not support their candidate even though she tried to manipulate her way to the White House.  Why can’t people just realize that she did this to herself and should take responsibility. Getting Mrs Clinton to admit that any of this was her fault is next to impossible.  There is always some else to blame.  Why do you think we didn’t vote for her?


My girlfriend blames the Russians and me as a male for keeping Hillary from winning. Doesn’t want to talk about the emails, her foundation, her illegal server or anything else she may or may not have done. This is all about Gender and I challenge anyone to debate that. Women finally had a candidate for president and she lost.  Maybe next time they should find a better female candidate.

Told my girlfriend that Gandhi could have won this year and they still would have protested.

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