HUGE NEWS: Repo Crisis Was Fueled By Four Banks, Hedge Funds, and the Fed: BIS Reveals

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19 thoughts on “HUGE NEWS: Repo Crisis Was Fueled By Four Banks, Hedge Funds, and the Fed: BIS Reveals”

  1. This was huge, especially considering who it came from: the BIS themselves! The central bank of central banks. I've been covering this Repo Madness since it happened because it's truly important. This is center stage and deserves attention. What do you think of this information?

  2. If you steal a loaf of bread because you are hungry you will be jailed, if you steal billions of Dollars from tax payers you will be rewarded with record high bonuses.

  3. In a normal functioning economy bond buyers demand higher rates. So if you have a treasury secretary issuing 300 BILLION on the short end of the curve and not that many buyers then you better pay up. That is how you get an inverted yield curve. The problem is all these companies riding RAZOR thin margins and that will make or break with a 2 year at 2% (see Dec 2018) they can go under very very quickly. So how do you solve that?

    The fed buys the governments debt and controls the short end since setting the rate is no longer working. Tell me when the fed stop buying and I will tell you when this bull market is over. We need a recession to clear out the zombies.

  4. I don't think the big four are the banks as much as the big four that are behind these banks you are thinking of. Maybe the big four are Black Rock, State Street, Vanguard Group, Fidelity ((FMR). They are the big four behind every big bank.

  5. @5:50 that's because Trump threatened Powell's job, and apparently Powell values his job more than the long term economy. To try to save his conscious he went to congress and reported his concerns to seemingly deaf ears.

  6. Let me simplify the explanation for you, the FED is crushing the F*** out of shorts, reiterating the sage advice; never bet against the Fed. They can create inflationary pressure whenever they want to, pretty much to whatever extent they want to and you dont want to be on the wrong side of that when they do.

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