Liquidity Crisis In The Repo Markets? Is The Fed Preventing A Market Crash?

Today, AK is going to talk about what’s happening in the Repo Markets. Is there a liquidity crisis?

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19 thoughts on “Liquidity Crisis In The Repo Markets? Is The Fed Preventing A Market Crash?”

  1. Stijn van de Ven

    I like that they here atmid they dont know what caused it rather then the disinformation it is another QE. The problem stems from Europe, they never adressed the 08 bad loans which are still on the balance sheets of EU banks, now with banking rules tightening it will become musical chairs where you dont know which bank is going to be left standing. As a consequence US banks dont dare to lend EU banks money because you dont want to be stuck with artificially low yielding EU bonds that might turn up to be totally worthless due to the euro structure. They never adressed the lack of federal debt that could actually back up the euro. Now if 1 government debt defaults, the entire zone is at risk, and specifically the euro itself. On top of that they expended the zone with even more questionable governments then Greece. It's a very wobbely jenga tower but no one really dares to say it, afraid it would cause the crash that has been building underneath the euro. One thing is for sure though, if this thing goes, its Europe back to the stoneage all because some asshole politicians had their utopian euro dream and did really nothing to prevent it except putting some bandage on problems that surfaced.

  2. I think Gold and silver are a smart thing to have in hand. Be ready for that buyer's market when everything is on super sale.

  3. Free Trade Oreder Patriot

    The problem was global market idiots for example Apple 5% of your entire GDP imagine that when Apple have bad sale's your GDP going down bicose of the scale of Apple and that's is with every big company wich sales your country products to the world like Apple making 100 million smart phones but sells just 10milion you can imagine the loses and that's why Fed injecting your leqwedity.

  4. So when you boil it down the expert says the Fed is lying about what is going on. USA citizens must be so glad the allowed their elected officials to give powers of "money pricing" and "rate setting" and "monetary policy" to an entity called the FED that is owned by 6 private banks – who surprise surprise – get all the cheap QE to make their CEOs very rich. Great country to live in.

  5. Dadson worldwide

    Europe is in a depression !its already been too long for the definition that is short mostly a 6-month recession to the market. Europe's been like this for many years.

  6. Dadson worldwide

    But the fed is doing is like quantitative easing bit that's usually done to drive down yields. By buying up treasures the banks are better off investing there money in business and loans to the public cause that's mode profitable than putting it in treasury bonds. But banks are already doing this.

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