List of potential 2020 presidential candidates grows

A growing number of names have been floated as potential Democratic challengers to President Trump in the 2020 election. They range from lawmakers to mega-donors and celebrities. CBS News political reporter Caitlin Huey-Burns joins CBSN to break it all down.
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19 thoughts on “List of potential 2020 presidential candidates grows”

  1. At this point, Spongebob Squarepants has a better chance at the DNC primary

  2. No Andrew Yang and they have Oprah on there. You guys really don't get today youth do you.

  3. This is very stupid and Planned As An Operation To Steal The Election Away From The People Again!
    With the knowledge that the voters already support Bernie in large numbers.
    They Decided To Stack The Deck.
    Researched Who Excites The Voters The Most Besides Bernie! But not if we'll vote for those people.
    Again making assumptions that we'll vote for Whoever They Dictate As Candidate.

  4. So many are running, since people learn that any one low iq monkey can be present of the usa,

  5. What a great poster of America's greatest failures, all of these candidates have absolutely no accomplishments, make false promises, and the big fear is if one of them does get elected which is hopefully 0 we would turn into a country similar to Venezuela. This is the largest poster of empty heads I've ever seen and some of the comments they make are so stupid and outlandish I can't believe anyone would be so stupid to carry a sign with one of their names on it, but that is the job of the ignorant left, they make a mess and the Republicans have to come and clean it up the left Has Its Own Worst Enemy, ideas they have none, they will say anything to get voted into office to get their power back…

  6. When you see this list the only thing that it’s clear to me is that the democrats are desperate, this long list suggests how powerful Donald trump is, of course they will twist the truth and say how strong they are because they have so many candidates but it’s the opposite people don’t be fool

  7. Why is the 2020 candidates look like a league of legends character selection

  8. The Democrats are joking. They must go to sleep because it’s a done deal for Donald J Trump in 2020.

  9. How anyone who won't shut down the government, until he gets money to build a wall, but doesn't build it? Some who lies so much, no one believes what he says? Like "Fake News". "Witch hunt"

  10. Anyone is better then Trump. He really needs to be out of office asap.

  11. You literally said Democratic Canadians once and then put red and blue. That’s all blue. Smh. So closed minded.

  12. Richard Stephen Dreyfuss would be a great candidate for POTUS. Listen to his political efficacy understanding & theories. He's no celebrity (Eastwood) that'll come up at political functions and debate an empty chair.

  13. Andrew Yang. Check him out on the Joe Rogan Podcast and the Breakfast Club show. Also he has a list of something like 72 policies with details on his website.

  14. Was there any Democratic party U.S. President that won a major war?

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