Meet The Major Candidates Running For President In 2020 | TIME

Meet The Major Candidates Running For President In 2020 | TIME

More than 450 candidates have already registered with the Federal Election Commission to run for president in 2020.
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Meet The Major Candidates Running For President In 2020 | TIME
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19 thoughts on “Meet The Major Candidates Running For President In 2020 | TIME”

  1. I am not voting for anybody that has something to do with: Hillary Clinton, OBAMA, or Bush's. I will vote for somebody that will cancel these wars ASAP And make a law stop cops from killing INNOCENT BLACK PEOPLE

  2. Why the Hell Doesn't any of these Candidates running for President have the balls to stand up and say that there is so much we need to do for Middle and Lower Class Americans (which is by far most of us) but that NOTHING will ever get done until we get Complete Campaign Finance Reform and GET THE MONEY OUT OF POLITICS!!! They will never work Together (and for us) because they are all owned by big businesses like the Pharmaceutical,Oil,Gun,Banking,Coal,Tobacco,Chemical Companies and so many more!!! It seems the only thing these Politicians care about is how much money they can make and take!!

  3. Democrat Dumpster fire. Pete Buttplug will drop out first, followed by (Fidel) Castro, Amy KloWhataBitchuar and Tulsi Acne Scarface Gabbard. It's what I hoped for in 2018: they're completely confused about who should run against Trump and continue to flail around.

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