Mega Banks + Trading Firms Triggered Repo Crisis, CEO's Step-Down Amid Approaching Economic Storm

Trading firms, including mega banks, have been identified as the bulk of reasons for causing the fed to engage in the current repo madness operations. Many of these institutions are outside of seeing-eye of U.S. regulators as multi-national money shufflers. We also look at the current CEO departures year-to-date which reveals that CEO’s leaving their positions is currently at a record pace in 2019, which further signals that an economic storm is approaching.
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20 thoughts on “Mega Banks + Trading Firms Triggered Repo Crisis, CEO's Step-Down Amid Approaching Economic Storm”

  1. "explains why he's not running for president," LOL!!! As though any big bankster would have a snowball's chance of winning a nationwide election!

  2. I've been following the Federal Reserve story for about 2 months now online, and you finally helped me visualize the crap that's really going down.

  3. These politicians, Wall Street, and corporations keep living lavishly on our dime and we pay the price And none go to jail…yet you and I get locked up for petty offenses.

  4. The nightly printing of Federal reserve notes by the billions are deluting our currency making ten dollars an hour 5

  5. bonsai treehouse

    Interesting how somehow those trading floors are outside the jurisdiction of US regulators because their trading floors are outside the US, but the SEC has no problem taking to court and getting fines against other companies outside the US.

  6. In Detroit area and its suburbs there is crazy fast demolition process of these “unsafe” homes. It’s rising lots of questions.

  7. JJ you know you can't trust the banks or GOV. for that matter, I use to think we wer just going to have a ression but now I believe we are going to have a financial depression, but I hope I am wrong!!!

  8. Oh yeah..the Cheif executive officer of a company. They answer to shareholders? Their duties include paying company bills?

  9. The last time I heard about CEO's was abandoning their jobs It was in 2007. Now, I didn't understand it then but I think it is safe to say a recession is around the corner.

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  11. Taking your statistics at about 9:00 through 10:00 in this video, $ 6 Trillion per day passes through Jaime's hands, so to speak. Taking that number, that equals, and someone else can check my rough math here, roughly the amount that passes through the smallest (economically) 90 countries in the world.
    So, if Jaime goes bust, his burst bubble is roughly equal to 90 (of 195 countries in the world) going under, too. I know, in many ways, comparing countries to companies is like apples and oranges, but the overall numbers are staggering. $6 Trillion per day; Holy God!

  12. michael dillard

    Feds just added another 119 billion today; it wont be long before the ballon bust; article from Wall street journal

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