Peter Schiff : We Cannot Recover from Repo !!

Peter Schiff : We Cannot Recover from Repo
This Repo has gone on for too long now, it’s serious.

The entire operation is meant to hide the real problem, which I believe is the gigantic derivatives overhang. With deteriorating interest rates, many of these weapons of mass financial destruction are starting to fail spectacularly. When many of these no longer functions as collateral, it is obvious what will happen.

The game being played by the ESF to suck up the massive selloff of foreign held treasuries is the reason for the disconnect. There is probably nobody that has a complete picture of how all the swap derivatives are cross owned by the large banks. Rob Kirby explained how they’ve managed to divert the inflation, but the side effect is what we are witnessing right now – the derivatives bomb is about to blow up.

The disgusting games the US has played with never-ending fraud and fidgeting has come full circle now. All I hope for now is that whatever war they have planned will be exposed and fail. All the games have to stop now, all the lies and deceptions have gone way too far. The end of “interest” is coming. No one can borrow any more. That alone will end the Fed. Without interest, what would then be their job! Only to crash the system, then step in as our savior.
There is no recovery from this. We cannot overcome the repos. And the rate is compounding now. Liquidity is freezing up. Buckle up.

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The Fed has become the great enabler. A crucial role of a reserve currency is to force other currencies to toe the line or pay a stiff price. Ignoring this economic reality translates into pain for those holding the currency of any country that abuses this economic law.
Fed interventions in the repo market are getting worse and worse. What was meant to be small and temporary seems now to be vast and permanent? Investors are asking, “What is the Fed hiding?”
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  1. Cut the annoying backgroumd music and stop being so monotone! Geez! Plus I tuned in to hear Peter Schiff not you dork!

  2. The USA recently became energy independent, in fact it is now a net exporter. Things are ok in the USA. Europe is another story.

  3. Inflation rate is like legalized robbery from people's money. losing value of fiat currency on daily basis, illogical to accept and hold something that is depreciating or lossing value on daily basis. it means keeping Trash.

  4. Richard Lumley Smith

    Analysts are warning World oil companies have a reduced life down to 15 years max as new technology takes over World economy massively reducing Would demand for oil starting with China (energy production technology from new sources ).Some analysts see USA being first to collapse as oil price starts to crash !

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  6. Better to go and live in the forest or jungle rent is free grow ur own food and hunt it no need for stock markets it's all a dupe rigged system how much they rig it is getting boooorrrriinnngggg all fake

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