REPO Madness Goes BERSERK! Fed Financial System Bailout Internal MELTDOWN

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David Quintieri, author of The Money GPS book series, is here on the most active, most informative channel in the financial world. Day after day, breaking down the data and making it easy to understand.
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19 thoughts on “REPO Madness Goes BERSERK! Fed Financial System Bailout Internal MELTDOWN”

  1. The Fed and central banks are covering up the madness. But we're not fooled. We know what's going on because we're willing to accept the TRUTH. What do you say?

  2. i like the new outros at your videos. its hilarious how you dont even name the titel of the video you promote coz it would be too much efford! πŸ˜€

  3. And the question remained is the reason the system of debt has continued is that anarchy and collapse would be the result almost instantly it will work until it doesn't

  4. us national debt is going to kill the economy. Common sense says borrowing money to borrow money without a plan to repay is scary.

  5. Incurable Romanticist

    I don’t know why you’re all so pessimistic. We should be starting WW III just in time for talking heads to say that wars always kick start the economy.

    I would not hazard a guess on that, since Einstein said he didn’t know what weapons WW III will be fought with, but WW IV will be fought with sticks and stones.

    Einstein was an optimist. We won’t make it to WW IV.

  6. StopFakeNewsMedia Corruption

    Don't want to scare people but I had crazy dreams of the END when I was a child. When I read the bible for the first time I saw my dreams in Revelations. Was shocking to me. Numerous times I came close to Death and a voice always saved me, I drowned and breathed water one time and woke up on the shore face down in water. God is real. Now I am a Christian and serve at a church. I believe we will live to see the beginnings of the End unfolding. Repent, seek God, read the Bible. The End is near.

  7. History says fiat ALWAYS fails as "they" can't help but print more money for war and social programs. ALWAYS. Timing? Guess….after election even though it is happening now but unacknowledged.

  8. Christopher Helms

    Everything is great. In fact it's all so great that we need negative interest rates right this minute, and the banking system is going to lock up unless we start giving banks amounts of money that are going to dwarf the defense budget by Thanksgiving, in an emergency program that started in September.

  9. People put more faith in money, than they did in god. And they are about to learn god is going to remove the golden calf from the planet again. Millions are going to starve and fight to survive, and get absolutely no protection from the seeds that they have sown. Your faith was put in something that god will judge amongst many other judgments. There is nothing new under the Sun. Meaning exactly that, same occult pricks that identify as Lucifer. Follow us we are cool flash some hand signals, join the group, and then god burns you house down. Didn't he? Oh says, god is aware of those you have said in thine heart, I will be god in my own life.

  10. The collapse is coming,it’s obvious,the national debt no longer is considered,or even looked at,referred to,
    Ignored,make believe it doesn’t exist, there was a time when there was a concern about passing this debt on to future generations,now it’s understood this that will never be repaid…

  11. dude!!! my credit card APR keeps going up!! i was at 15.99 a few years now my APR 20.99 .. You got to love banks for increasing fees out of the blue..

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