Repo Market Crisis: Is This Next Lehman Bros. Moment?

The repo market has collapsed! 😱In this video YOU’ll discover what the insiders won’t tell you! Did the Fed bailout the repo market to prevent the next Lehman Brothers (bank collapse)? Are the excuses the media is feeding us, for the repo market needing QE4, legit or BS as usual? Get all your questions answered in a quick and simple to understand way…Right Now!

The primary dealers (crony fed banks that buy and sell treasuries) usually provide tremendous liquidity to the repo market. But now, all of a sudden they’ve stopped. Why? They’re giving up a guaranteed profit, so it really makes no sense? There’s only a few explanations why this bailout of the repo market was required. And I discuss them all in this short, info packed vid on the Fed QE4 bailout of the repo market.

In the video we discuss the following:

1. How primary dealers operate with the Fed
2. How primary dealers operate in the repo market
3. Why what the media is telling us doesn’t add up
4. My best assumptions why the repo market needs a bailout
5. What is the repo market telling us about one or more systemically important banks

NOTE: A lot of info for this video came from the MacroVoices podcasts about the repo market with Jeff Snider. The MacroVoices podcast is by far the best podcast available on these topics, please check them out on iTunes. Here’s a link to the specific podcast with Jeff Snider on the repo market. It’s a must listen. The MacroVoices guys are real pros! πŸ˜‰

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20 thoughts on “Repo Market Crisis: Is This Next Lehman Bros. Moment?”

  1. I think that once they lose all control & we lose credit cards, bank accounts and pensions, the FED goblins along with the pentagon will do some inside hack to justify shutting down banks and blame it on whichever boogeyman Israel wants us to destroy next (such as Iran).

  2. I like how you kept the video to 6 minutes because that is how long it took you to explain the concept well. You didn't stretch it out to 10 minutes with bullshit filler so you could get ad revenue. Keep it up, George.

  3. going through the NY FED HHD report, student loans 90 days delinquent 28 billion $$ . any thoughts there George?

  4. A banking/financial meltdown in the EU, with the loss of the Euro and a Lehman squared event, is identified as the crisis arriving in the US like a shower of insolvency; arriving at the very inconvenient time when the US, Israel and allies are having a WAR with Iran. Daniel 11: 44, 45 Daniel 8: 20, 23-25. Prosecuting a major WAR while MELTING DOWN due to a crisis arriving from Europe….is a MAJOR BUMMER. This time of crisis, the Sunrise of God's arrived Kingdom Malachi 4: 2 is described in prophetic Scripture in incredible detail. WE know what will happen. MY comments all describe some aspect of the arrival of the end of the present system Romans 9: 28 and the arrival of God's Kingdom Matthew 6: 9. Click my name, subscribe, and see what the Scriptures say about these days.

  5. The time of financial meltdown arrives Psalms 46: 4-6 and this is the 'Sunrise' of the arrival of God's Kingdom, that also includes the arrival of wars and wrath. So a banking system meltdown in the EU causes a crisis that is Lehman squared; and sends a wave of insolvency crises world wide. This causes the loss of the Euro; and also immediately causes the fainting of the Australian dollar and banking system, before the fire crisis in Australia is resolved. At the same time, the Sunrise of God's Kingdom, with Christ's arrival 'in power and great glory' Matthew 24: 29, 30 includes a war appearing between the US, Israel, allies and IRAN. So the BOMBING of Israel by Iran Daniel 11: 44, 45 also mentions the 'Sunrise' as well. The 'kings from the rising of the Sun' Revelation 16: 12 Jehovah God, and Christ Jesus are both involved in this period of prophecy.

    This is also a time of protests and riots. This is seen in prophecy in Daniel 2: 31-46. The 'iron-like' totalitarian governments are not 'mixing' with the clay-like ordinary people. This world-wide situation, of protests and riots are seen in 30 countries, including protests in the Czech Republic today. These 30 countries are:

    Spain, Sudan, Russia, Egypt, Uganda, Indonesia, Ukraine, Peru, Hong Kong, Zimbabwe, Colombia, France, Turkey, Venezuela, The Netherlands, Ethiopia, Brazil, Malawi, Algeria, Iraq, Haiti, Ecuador, Lebanon, Chile, Guinea, Pakistan, Bolivia, Iran, Georgia and Prague.

    These have taken protesting and rioting to an extreme in Q4 of 2019. This comes at a time of a gradually saddening world economy, and the reactions of the governments have been to squeeze the people with increased taxes, rising prices, and reduced assistance. People see corruption, and have risen up in many places at one time

    Daniel's prophecy CONTINUES with the arrival of a 'Stone', Christ Jesus, that impacts this political 'image' at it feet of iron and clay, and the political image is DESTROYED. The 'Stone', Christ Jesus, arriving in Kingdom power as also seen in Matthew 24: 29, 30 then becomes 'a large mountain that fills the earth'. God's Kingdom on earth Daniel 2: 44 takes over the welfare of the faithful John 3: 16 the meek Psalms 37: 11 and the righteous Psalms 37: 20 who are all found inside God's Kingdom as 'sheep-like' ones at the time of Christ's arrival. Matthew 25: 31, 34.

    These events that are all described in the time of the 'Sunrise' Malachi 4: 2 ARE all visible, so how far away is this Sunrise? It is IMMINENT.

  6. Only just discovered your channel. I'm surprised you don't have 100K subscribers given the info you are generating. Great content! Subscribed and please making videos, I believe we're in a critical phase of the finance cycle and the more people know, the better

  7. Good explanation of an insane system. Really insane. Rube Goldberg-type-insanity. What a mess. I mean, where shall we begin to fix this goddamn mess the financial geniuses have made? It is so crazy. I think the whole system will just explode soon and then what? Buy Bitcoin is all we can do.

  8. BEAST! ONE OF THE GOOD PEOPLE IN THE BATTLE .. LOVE THIS BRO. IF I GROW A GARDEN, I might actually get more ahead than how I feel in this "modern" system… Lol sad af.

  9. The more they print, the more we owe them. The more they waste the more we owe then. The more they spend the more we owe them. The more they give to their banker friends the more we owe them. You owe them, your kids owe them, your grandchildren owe them, your great grandchildren owe them, your great great grandchildren owe them. The top banker boys are extremely happy. The leaders will walk away and write their memoirs and get a few million dollars for saying how well they did and how hard they tried. Happy day's.

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