Repo Market: Discover New Insider Secrets (THIS WILL BLOW YOUR MIND!)

Repo Market: Discover New Insider Secrets (THIS WILL BLOW YOUR MIND!)

Repo market insider Jeff Snider reveals shocking new facts 👉YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO MISS! 👈The repo market survived the end of the year but the fed is still printing money to bail out the system. Repo market operations seem to have become permanent. But Jeff Snider has a completely different explanations, and as usually Jeff Sniders repo market explanations seem far better researched, articulated and probable. And of course I explain them to you so YOU can be better prepared for whatever comes next!

But it’s not that Jeff Sniders repo market assessment is just different, it’s totally opposite from the main stream view. And if he’s correct it changes everything you think you know about the repo market and it flips it upside down! If you’re interested in the future of the repo market, US economy, the dollar, or gold and silver, THIS IS A MUST WATCH VIDEO!

The main stream view says the repo market problems are a result of a lack of liquidity, but Jeff Snider says the problems are really that theres not enough collateral. You may think that’s crazy when the government is running 1 trillion dollar deficits, but if you keep an open mind and listen to Jeff Sniders argument I think you jus maybe convinced. And of course I explain everything simple and fast!

In this repo market video, with analysis from macro icon Jeff Snider, I discuss the following:

1. How Jeff Snider’s views on the repo market differ from the main stream.
2. Proof that Jeff Snider is right about the repo market.
3. How this will eventually collapse the dollar through Triffin’s Paradox 2.0!

For full episode with Jeff Snider check out the Bob Murphy Show (one of my favorites!) episode #68…link below.

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20 thoughts on “Repo Market: Discover New Insider Secrets (THIS WILL BLOW YOUR MIND!)”

  1. NOTE: Want to be clear on why I'm referring to the end game as Triffin's Paradox 2.0. Triffins Paradox basically says the country with the reserve currency will have to print too much money (to supply the world) and this will lead to the inevitable decline of the currency and loss of reserve status. The connection is the US now has to prop up the system by providing the collateral the world needs (treasuries) which will have the same net result of Triffins paradox (decline and loss of reserve currency). That's why I'm calling it Triffins Paradox 2.0…hope that makes sense. Thx for watching everyone! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. As collateral rises due to growth and expansion, so do the dollars… The only way to get dollars is with collateral. Its common sense. All dollars end up back in the reserves one way or another eventually by further means of collateral. It is not the reserves job to care who has dollars, it's focus is to capitalize on the collateral which equals dollars.

  3. Alessandro Zaion

    Hi, first of all thank you for this amazing explanation.
    I have a question, at 15:16 you cited DB and the FX swap market can you elaborate a bit more the relation between them related movement of cash . Thanks

  4. 2.20 The Fed provides collateral Assets to the Market? Isnโ€™t the Fed buying the Stuff from the primary market? The case for all the liquidity which boosts the financial markets.

  5. And better than this the same collateral is claimed to be owned by numerous institutions to get access to equity.

  6. I've always considered economics to be one my weakest subjects but your videos have helped de-mystify the topic so I can see through the bullshit and understand the underlying concepts. Keep it up mate, shame I'm too broke right now to capitalise on your advice!

  7. George , I'm not a finance expert but this makes perfect sense to me. How can you have a liquidity problem when the Fed can print unlimited amounts of cash, not possible. So it has to be a Collateral problem cause the fed can't print (manufacture) collateral. And the banks are figuring out their collateral is shit. The Fed is replacing shit for collateral with treasuries and I'll guess they'll keep doing it until the world is broke and money is worthless. Just more zirp repercussions. And a Fed that exists just support too big to fail banks that rule the world and steal from tax payers to enrich the .1% . We've borrowed so much from the future that the .1% are unbelievably rich. And they will keep stealing until the working tax payer figures it out.

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