Repo Market Exposed! [Shocking] And It's Getting Worse!

Repo Market Exposed! [Shocking] And It's Getting Worse!

This time it’s the Federal Reserve and they’re not stopping! Billions and Billions are being pumped into the banks and I’m here to expose the truth and explain it in such a way you’ll actually “get it” (thanks for subscribing)
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Fed Repo Market Bailout Is Now Expanding Faster Than 2008 Crisis As Fed Quietly Increases Repo

Fed Repo Market Bailout Is Now Expanding Faster Than 2008 Crisis As Fed Quietly Increases Repo
In this episode of My Two Cents we do a repo market update and look at the staggering amount of liquidity the fed is injecting into the repo market. This amount has now surpassed the levels of the 2008 financial crisis, which the fed repo operation is currently injecting .2 Trillion a month. The repo market problems are clearly just beginning and 2020 looks to be a tipping point and stocks will sooner than later have to reflect this.

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Video Rating: / 5

38 thoughts on “Repo Market Exposed! [Shocking] And It's Getting Worse!”

  1. J Scott Hamilton

    What a hot mess of an explanation. Did you even start with an outline?

    Q. What is the repo market?
    A. The repo (repurchase) market is a financial pawn shop. Instead of bringing gold or silver to get a cash loan, financial institutions bring Treasury bills (government IOUs) to get a cash loan. Eventually they have to buy back these bills with the cash they borrowed.

    Q. Did the repo market exist before the Fed got involved.
    A. Yes. The repo market used to work just fine by itself. Then everybody ran out of cash, none of the banks trusted each other to loan to each other, so the Federal Reserve stepped in with the printing press and loaned when nobody else would.

    Q. What is the difference between the way the Fed does it and the market used to do it.
    A. The Federal Reserve is now offering longer loans, not just overnight. However there is the risk that these loans become like "dead pawn", where the bills are not repurchased and the Fed has to wait until the bills mature and the government pays off the IOU.
    And of course because the Fed has the printing presses, they have a lot more cash to loan.


  2. Check out what's going on with the derivatives market. There are hundreds of trillions of dollars tied up in a tangled mess between the banks. The big banks have around $40T each, and some big banks like Deutsche bank are collapsing. How do you rescue even a single bank with $40T in assets? You can't, and down the house of cards.

  3. This was kind of entertaining to watch since I knew everything being discussed, but if I didn't, I think it would've been a bit confusing 'cause it was a bit all over the place. To be fair, it's a lot to cover in a short period of time. I agree though, the main point is that banks aren't trusting each other and it's like musical chairs where no one wants to be the one left out when the music stops. Specifically, it's one or two banks that have probably been playing a game of fraudulent rehypothecation of securities (using the same securities as collateral for repurchase agreements) and other banks caught on, so the Fed had to jump in and push the overnight rate down to hide the problem. It was probably Deutsche Bank and/or Citigroup, but no one is talking. The Fed is about to increase their balance sheet by $365B in one month with term repos and break a new record well over $4T. Control has been lost and this won't end well.

  4. thanks for the video, ive been watching this since september when they started. This is absolutly insane, i cant belive what is going on in our country. DONT FIGHT THE FED LOLOOLOL

  5. The Fed “loans” money to the banks. The banks then create money thru fractional reserve lending. To be more accurate.

  6. I might be a pre schooler when it comes to markets, but I can see with my own eyes that in October when the free money (REPO) started, the market went up, retail investors start trying to get in on the fun, and then the rug gets pulled out from under them. Easy money for the banks. Like an animal that goes after food in a cage. This rally has no guts, did anyone else notice stocks falling huge of positive earnings??? Correct me if I am wrong, but something funny is going on here. I've sold almost all my stocks rather than stay in trying to unwind and recoup.

  7. the banks do have liquidity they are just not willing to lend it overnight because they are not confident they will get it back. it’s a game of musical chairs at this point with banks, so they would rather deal with the fed for overnight cash because they are guaranteed to get it back. there is a rat in the banking system and no one knows who it is, so they just aren’t lending to anyone to be safe.

  8. I'm not ashamed to say I don't understand the market or finance but I do know you can never trust the government. Why would anyone trust a government who would conduct human experiments on its own people years ago. Nor would I trust them with currency now a days. Look how great they did in the depression. The rich get richer and poor get poorer nothing has changed for the better in my opinion.

  9. If they ever "turn the spigot off" it will be the final twist of the knife to the younger generations. Basically it is saying to them (from the previous generations) "Sorry kids! We used to create as much money as we could out of thin air, yes, that's true. And we also managed to spend more than we could create out of thin air and charged it to YOU. Unfortunately, we can no longer create any more (because it is worthless and no one is willing to accept it anymore) AND we can't borrow any more. That means YOU can't create the money to pay off the debt and, if you want to keep the present system then YOU have to pay our debt with REAL wealth. We'll call it "austerity" and wrap it around some moral sounding spin but basically, you are either debt slaves to what we spent or you have to start a new money system from scratch. Good luck, kids!

  10. 2nd view. Sunday came too early.
    My position is short longterm bonds. But it's just a hedge. My thought is liquidity drys up this month and capital is raised by selling Treasuries…

  11. It doesn't really matter if it's a 'Productive asset' (nothing really 'productive' about the stock market in reality anyway :D) , or not. They are just paradigms, it's all about being ahead of the curve. The money right at the top will make the choice of when something has run 'enough' , pull their wealth out and into something else (the next 'bubble'), and then as their sell orders start causing prices to fall will allow media and the propagation of certain types of news/info to spread. It's all a game the best thing us little guys can have is long term conviction.

  12. I guess we know what Powell meant by Organically growing the Balance Sheet. So Wall St can inhale it into the markets and make everything a ok.

  13. yo man, relax, get some wine and smoke you a good gar or coughee.. they can continue it for as long as they want. position your team to be in best position regardless and enjoy life. fear is destructive and used to control.

  14. The end of the year is a real christmas for the top 1%. The fed explodes printing to lend to private banks at 0% interest then they go blow up assets and pocket it while the everyday Joe is running on a treadmill with a carrot dangling infront.

  15. This is how the Oligarchs end up owning sovereign nations, they create the markets ,control the market, and print fake " money " to hand out to their " fam" with negative interest to buy up all land and means of production from the original owner ……and if you resist like Irag,Venezuela, Syria ect…ect they destroy your infrastructure with the bombs they control….while the US consumer sells their great grandchildren's future for that new shiny rock or Tesla…..

  16. I would like to think things will get fixed but unfortunately were are past the point of no return get ready for the reset I don't see anyother way but that!

  17. Miss Information

    Price is not value. When gold reaches its actual price it will reflect how much manipulation there has been – value is different. If gold skyrockets, you’ll seee the reflection In devalued dollaration. I could then either see the average $400k home being $100k and Dow 3000 OR a $1M home and Dow 60000. Which comes first, hyperinflation or implosion?

  18. CB, I would love to see a collaboration on this with you and David from MoneyGPS. We are raising kids, being robbed and we will have a lot of boomers to care for – we can’t ignore it and we have to be compassionate but being well aware of what we face can be so overwhelming. I wish it were that more people were preparing, looking ahead and coming up with ideas and ways to cope. But you’re one of a handful of folks willing to be real. We’re not enough in just numbers.

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