Repo Market is Costing every American $183 Per Day

Repo Market is Costing every American 3 Per Day
So this Not QE” Is Costing Every Man, Woman, & Child in America a whopping 3 Per Day.
Fed is on track to commit .5 trillion in gross cumulative support. Minsky – Moment comes when stability begets sudden instability.
This hundred and eighty-three dollars a day every man woman and child in America is paying; that’s this QE4 or what Powell called not QE.

Thanks to the benevolent powerful steering committee at the FOMC, the federal open markets committee.
So we have established the price of peace; we have found the price of calm at this moment: sixty billion dollars a month, roughly two billion dollars a day.
And again if that seems like an expensive habit or you know what it would take to kind of maintain a perpetual buzz.
You just look at that national addiction divided by every man woman and child.
It’s a measly hundred and eighty-three dollars a day every day.
That’s what’s costing every and each American citizen.
Which at some point, if we’re not careful is merely gonna be the cost of a cup of coffee.
Nothing called free is free.
Free is something you get for nothing, but somebody else pays for it.
Everyone is going to be working to pay the interest on all the loans.
No wonder the banks rake in so much money.
Banks screw up a system. The government bails out Banks with taxpayer money. Banks continue to act irresponsibly. Government prints money to give to banks to directly inject into the stock market.
Banks screw up the stock market with the taxpayer, money bailout, and QE money printing.
And probably steal half of Americans 401K by the end.
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20 thoughts on “Repo Market is Costing every American $183 Per Day”

  1. Don t worry america will be helprd by trumps good business mind. We are loosers because of tge lijes of trump. Tge biggest grifter in history. He s a criminL family enterprise.

  2. Taylor Craig Newbold

    The Saudis helped cause this when they pulled billions (allegedly as much as $20 bill) out of the markets after the Aramco oil field attacks.

  3. Lets not forget off sheet balances… Doesn't matter because there is a PLASMA event coming… People go crazy during this period… the electro mag has an affect on the living…

  4. So for a family of 5 could make 6370 per week? Pay me not the banks. They owe on the International Commercial Lien Nov 15, 2015 Mesa County, CO to the amount one trillion per person. Don't see them paying that either. Where are the RICO charges? What happened to March 8th 1933? History of fraud, history of attorneys.

  5. trump in his 2nd term will end the fed, its all fake money ,we will print our own money. they waited to long . in 1913 they fooled many people . we know who and what they do now.

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