Repo Market Update: Bank Insolvency Secrets REVEALED!

In this repo market video 👉YOU’LL DISCOVER WHICH BANK MIGHT GO BUST! 👈and about the Fed having to increase the repo market bailout AGAIN! This chaos in the repo market could be the canary in the coal mind signaling the next financial collapse. If you’re interested in state of the economy in the slightest, this is a must see video on all the repo markets new details!

The not QE QE started as a “temporary glitch”, then the Fed increased the time of the bailout to a minimum of January, then they increased the amount of the overnight purchases to 120 billion. NOW, they’ve increased the duration of the term repos (those longer than overnight) to 28 and 42 days!! The repo market crisis has gone from shocking to ridiculous. At what point will the Fed tell the public the truth? Will the Fed be able to prop up the repo market indefinitely? AND which bank is potentially being bailed out??

If you’re not familiar with how the repo market works I’ve got plenty of other videos that break it down, so check those out too. But on this video you’ll discover:

1. How has the repo market crisis gotten worse
2. Which banks have the highest likelihood of needing a repo market bailout
3. And a repo market big announcement you’re going to love. The channel gets interactive!

What are the details of the Fed putting more money in the repo market? Which financial institutions could they be bailing out? Find all that out and more!!

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16 thoughts on “Repo Market Update: Bank Insolvency Secrets REVEALED!”

  1. NOTE: Not sure if you guys caught it but I should've said Deutsche lost 832 billion (info graphic is correct) and I accidentally said 132 billion. I was going too easy on them! Also, SoftBank is a VC fund NOT a PE fund. Pension funds invest in both. Thanks for watching! 😉

  2. Damn am I glad I stumbled upon this top tier gem. I had to piss so bad but this was too good a presentation to pause. BRAVO!!

  3. Éliphas Lévi

    Is there some kind of inverse ETF that traces these ABS'? In other words, how can a private investor bet on this market?

  4. Regarding those car loan assets, I think George was being a wee bit hyperbolic. From his own numbers, George said that only 4.6% are more than 3 months late. That means over 95% of car loans are paying on time or only late on a payment here or there. Maybe they miss a payment one month but then make up for it a week later. That's pretty common but does not mean they will go into default by any means whatsoever. Those asset bundles are not that bad. Probably 95% of those folks will pay off their car loans in the end. I can see why the pension funds think it's a good investment.

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