Repo Market Update: Is The Entire Financial System Broken? (ANSWERED)

Repo Market Update: Is The Entire Financial System Broken? (ANSWERED)

Repo market has been getting worse! 👉DISCOVER RED FLAGS NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT! 👈When the craziness in the repo market started the Fed said it’s a “temporary glitch” now that glitch has turned into a full blown repo madness nightmare that looks like it’s going to be permanent. The repo market is the plumbing of the entire financial system. If the repo market freezes the whole entire monetary system collapses. Central to the repo market is cash and for some reason the big banks aren’t lending the cash they have. This has prompted the Fed to stay in the repo market for the foreseeable future.

It’s impossible to know exactly why the system isn’t working but it’s obvious the repo market is telling us something is horribly wrong with the entire financial system. If YOU are interested in the future of the US economy THIS IS A MUST WATCH VIDEO!

Everyone is talking about the repo market but I think they’re all missing the point. They look at the reserves and excess reserves in relationship to where they’ve been over the last few years. But the repo market has been around for a lot longer. If you look at reserves in the system the last time the fed funds rate was at 1.75% the entire excess reserves of the banking system was 1.3 billion. Now it’s 1.3 TRLLION!!

In this repo market video I’ll discuss the following:

1. Over view of the repo market system.
2. Signs of problems in the repo market.
3. Proof the repo market and the entire system is BROKEN!

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20 thoughts on “Repo Market Update: Is The Entire Financial System Broken? (ANSWERED)”

  1. This is a great presentation. I have watched all of your vids. In a segment where there are lots of smart people creating wonderful content you're a standout in terms of content and presentation style. Very informative. Thanks!

  2. The system is broke but its always been broke. Its a lie that has to continue growing just to cover the previous lies. Your analysis is great and I appreciate the work you put in but its really worthless as everything is determined by the Feds willingness to prop up the market through QE. Eventually this will lead to inflation so you gotta stay invested in something because keeping your $ in the bank you will lose purchasing power to the inflation. You have no choice but to keep investing even though its all a fraud.

  3. johann augustine

    It took a long time for the system to "break" in the 1920s.. 10 years then was an eternity since they haven't learned to intervene too well. Even then, they thought the party was never going to end, until suddenly, the music stopped playing. This time, they are stretching it even farther… no one really knows when is the breaking point… but we will know it when it does….

  4. johann augustine

    Been watching this channel, and views are currently going parabolic, just like the repos lol. Congrats! And prepare yourselves… get a bit of a bitcoin just in case….

  5. Amalgamated Potato Packing Pocatello

    Plenty of Billionaires on the sidelines.
    • waiting to buy up a MILLION homes, like they did in 2009

  6. I have no conference in the system nor the greeded ones that run it..the economy will be cut to the poor this mth in SSI..disability and older people collecting..and Snap Trump wrote if there able body's they can work…what!!… Is this a joke…no insanity

  7. So the big banks know something you all don't. And they're hoarding dollars and Treasuries. So that's what I'm doing.

  8. Sell all the bonds to the martians and use the zonks you get from the martians to sell them to the russians and then use the rubles to buy some gold from china…. or even just print some more dollars and don't tell anybody….I think you'll get away with it..why not..they've done it for years!!! :o)

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