Repo Market: Will Year End Doomsday Trigger DOLLAR COLLAPSE?!?

Repo Market: Will Year End Doomsday Trigger DOLLAR COLLAPSE?!?

The Repo Market is financial system canary in the coal mine 👉YOU HAVE TO WATCH!! 👈And December 31st is when the perfect storm in the repo market is supposed to erupt according to market experts like Zoltan Pozsar. To take it a step further, another financial expert, Luke Gromen, believes the repo market blow up was the “big event” that signals the dollar end game. Luke Gromen thinks the Fed will have no choice put to permanently intervene in the repo market, expanding their balance sheet to unimaginable levels. When the Fed adds trillions to the balance sheet via permanent money printing and repo market intervention, the only release valve will be the US dollar. In other words, the Fed will only have one choice, that’s to let inflation run and devalue the dollar to save the repo market and the world financial system.

If you’re interested in the future of the US economy and the repo market, this is a MUST WATCH VIDEO!!

Zoltan Pozsar and Luke Gromen both believe the Fed will start QE4, the difference is Gromen thinks they already have started it via the repo market interventions and Pozsar thinks the Fed will start QE4 by buying treasuries directly. The one thing we know for sure is the Fed has no choice currently but to expand the balance sheet indefinitely with repo market money printing until the lower the value of the dollar enough to let market forces take over.

In this repo market video I discuss:

1. Zoltan Poszars repo market predictions and why they matter.
2. Luke Gromens repo market views and how it plays into dollar.
3. What will the Feds response be to rates going up in repo market? Will they lose control of the repo market?

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This video highlights in simple terms how the repo market works and what has been happening there in recent weeks.

The FED has had to intervene to the tune of bn a day until 10th October in order to ensure there is adequate liquidity within the banking system which uses Repo for short term funds.

We also mention how JP Morgan also had a part to play in the liquidity shortage.

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0 Bn Fed Cash Injection – Effect On Gold and Silver – Explanation

Today is Wednesday 2nd October 2019 and we are going to attempt to explain, hopefully in simple terms as to how the Repo Market works.

Much has been made recently that the Federal Reserve found itself in the position of involving itself in introducing hundreds of billions of dollars into the financial system as the Repo market was short of funds.

The repo market is vital in how Wall St and the financial system works and is a major conduit through which investors big and small – receive short term money – to fund operations.

The lenders of securities in the repo market are often hedge funds and Wall Street broker-dealers that have large portfolios but need money to fund their day-to-day trading. The cash providers tend to be money-market funds or other asset managers that want a place to invest their cash on a short-term basis at little risk.

So, Banks, Hedge Funds, and other major financial players borrow money on a short-term basis to ensure their books are in order.
Often these monies are borrowed ‘overnight’ or 1 day, or for relatively short time periods – so as to ensure those businesses and funds do not experience liquidity problems.

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38 thoughts on “Repo Market: Will Year End Doomsday Trigger DOLLAR COLLAPSE?!?”

  1. NOTE: Gromen and I had slightly different numbers on the amount of T Bills rolling over in next 6 months. The excel spread sheet data I had suggested 7+ trillion, Gromen was saying 6+ trillion (which is less than the 71% of 11 trillion he was referring to). My guess is he didn't have the exact number in front of him. Regardless, concept is same whether 6+ or 7+ trillion. Thx for watching everyone! 😉

  2. Keep up the great work George. I extremely enjoy the information and education you are providing. Even though I'm not in USA it is very important for foreign markets to be aware of what is occurring with the greenback.

  3. Call of Conscience

    George, you have a real gift for explaining complicated things in a way ordinary people can understand them. I know, I'm in that business myself (I'm a teacher).

  4. QUESTION: if the dollar collapse happens and the Fed keeps printing helicopter money will the stock markets continue to go up or down during this phase before dollar stabilization?

  5. Oh please please please crash hard and by mean hard I mean I want the Dow to fall to 5000. I want every person with a crapload of cash top to lose it all so they will know what it is like to have ramen noodles and 1 dollar package of hotdogs for a CHRISTMAS DINNER. So they will know what it is like to have medical problems that will kill them and can not afford 1 simple operation to save their life. Fuck all those people. fuck this country, fuck human beings and fuck this universe.

  6. We need a “Toy Story reference counter” inserted in the corner of all your videos because my gosh are you always saying “infinity and beyond” somewhere in your videos lol

  7. Thanks very much for this.
    I’d seen all the material before elsewhere, but it makes things more comprehensible to have it drawn out graphically.

  8. WELL, its year end. Where is this big bust??? The ghost story flames out again.
    No worries though. This O.P. will be making up new scare bear ghost stories in 2020. They are quite the comedy hour presentations, lol.

  9. DJIA ended UP With over 75 pts end of year; Over 10 guys reported on the repo crisis ; The stocks move downward on bad news. Guess the Fed didn't move or waited until stocks close to move?.

  10. Thanks George but your hard work maybe wasted. The Fed and our government can use computers to move unlimited amounts of money anywhere without Anyone being the wiser. They can legally hide their actions while Bloomberg does what ever they want with the quotes as we saw last week with the gold ticker on Bloomberg frozen for 48 hours. People don't care where the money comes from so long as they can pass it along. People will not wake up until they are spending 50% of their money on food and they lose their home or the phone.

  11. My trusted contact on the ground in India says her friends and relatives etc say gold buying has been depressed in India recently due to economic reasons and high prices, but wedding season is coming and customary to buy gold from here onwards. Contact is currently finding out what the wedding gold buying sentiment is, more trusted info later.

  12. Funny, back when the video was made, you say if the demand exceeds 75 billion a day it would be a cause for concern. Whoops!

  13. I.S. Is this QE, because your good buddy Peter says it's QE, however Powell says it's not? If so, why would Powell not make it officially QE? Is this due to that repo does not expand the balance sheet? Thereby giving the big chunk of liquidity to special banks and once enough juice is sustain the Fed do mini QE for their black hole balance sheet?

  14. It is perfectly manageable that the FED have restarted debt monopolisation, thus also proving that QE was never anything else. It may takes a while for the markets to realise this, but this is the end of the dollar, as surely as it was the end of the mark when the German central bank started to print to pay of its war-debt following WWI

  15. It would be nice you can put your stuff in podcast too. It’s better because I work on other things while listening to your stuff.

  16. Personally I think that the banks are using this money to short the price of gold which is bad for the physical gold market. In my opinion these two items should be separate, because I feel that its interfering with what the price of physical gold which is supposed to be more stable than gold futures and etfs. I suppose when the banks run out of repo money I'm hoping that the price of physical gold will be stabilized and back to normal which is around the 1500 to 1550 mark.

  17. It is often presented on other channels that the FED is providing and additional $75 billion per day into the market. Surely this is not the case if it is the 'overnight' lending rate and therefore the bank that borrows return the money the next day ( or at the most after a week ). Does this mean that the same $75B is recycled every night?

  18. Love the intro music. This whole repo thing is overblown. The Fed has been doing the same thing when needed for decades. No big deal.

  19. Trillion dollar banks and corporations get near zero interest rates on their loans while the working class drowns under 15-25+ percent rates on their loans? What a F__KING JOKE. We live in a Kleptocracy run by blood thirsty psychopaths. Expect to lose everything as we're all slaves to the elite.

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