The Fed's EMERGENCY Repo Market Operation (QE4?!)

The Fed's EMERGENCY Repo Market Operation (QE4?!)

The New York Fed announced that over the next month it would shower the trading houses (primary dealers) on Wall Street with a total of .93 trillion in short-term loans.

Are the banks in trouble?
Do they have enough liquidity?
Do the banks have enough reserves?
Is the stock market being propped up directly because of the fed printing more and more money?

Instead of calling this QE4 the Federal Reserve is basically just pulling out a fire-hose of liquidity and dousing this potential liquidity “fire” with billions every day.

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20 thoughts on “The Fed's EMERGENCY Repo Market Operation (QE4?!)”

  1. Ok, so I'm not a financial guru…..yet. But what I got out of this in golden retriever language is that there totally should be a recession next year, but the fed is saving wall street again so it won't happen through shady backdoor channels. So, the fed is NOT going to let a recession even come close to happening and Trump will make sure of that as well due to him probably being re-elected. Soooo I should continue to invest in stocks and S & P because no one is going to let it crash even though it should??!!

    This reminds me of the movie "Margin Call".

    Thanks Marco

  2. Kevin Prokopenko

    This is all actually originating out of Europe. Due to the catastrophic amount of debt in the Eurozone , banks are slowly failing . USA banks do not know who is in trouble and can pay them back on those overnight loans. So they will not loan. Therefore the Fed has stepped in to cover. NOT a solution. Eurobanks continue to degrade and internally ..its hush hush and know one has a solution.

  3. Great video mate I really enjoyed this.
    I think what's unique about this is that you're not promoting doom and gloom or an overly optimistic way of thinking.
    Just the facts in front of us, what you personally see as opportunities and what risks that are out there that may be worth being cautious about.

  4. Save the RICH,from what?From the plebs of course.Expect the full brute force of the armed services to crush you ,yes even your neighbour cop.

  5. I have an ominous feeling that all this manipulation is going to end badly. Shortly after the crash of 1929 stock buy backs by corporations were made illegal because it was recognized that they were an easy way of manipulating the price of stocks. It results in artificially inflating the EPS of corporations since fewer shares are outstanding. I wonder when that law was repealed.

  6. I thought at the very least they would inject that liquidity into the banks- instead they are going straight to the borrower which is walll street?! UN-FUXKING-REAL

  7. Hey, I appreciate your videos and commentary on being more financially literate. Been a financial advisor for 10+ years and was always wondering why there weren't more channels like yours! Subbed! What camera do you use?

  8. Whats your teeth care routine brate? good video by the way currently sitting on gold since i'm a little scared of an potential hyperinflation.

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