The 'repo' market explained

Paddy Hirsch explains why the repurchase (or repo) market is vital part of the financial system, and why the government is considering changes to it. #MarketplaceAPM #EconomicExplainers #RepoMarket

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18 thoughts on “The 'repo' market explained”

  1. It would be a VERY bad idea for government to take the positions of Clearing Banks – it is very obvious that this morally corrupt system is going to blow up – therefore leaving the whole mess in the hands of tax-payers. (Of course the end result is going to hurt everyone anyway but why let the prime crooks off-load their scam and walk away from the crime scene? – at least let the scammers get caught with their fingers in the cookie jar.

  2. I'd tell these banks that need overnight loans to get their house in order then they wouldn't have to spend their money paying interest.
    Heck I tell people on the street the same thing
    The whole dam country is full of losers.

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