The Second Repo Crisis is Just Days Away | This Time Will Be Worse

The culmination of the repo market troubles that started in September could begin any day now – and will peak year-end. In this video, I break down the article “Global Money Notes #26” by Zoltan Pozsar in a way everyone can understand. Buckle up, we’re in for a wild ride!

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Yahoo Finance’s Brian Cheung breaks down what the repo market how it works.

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38 thoughts on “The Second Repo Crisis is Just Days Away | This Time Will Be Worse”

  1. hillary hasparkinsons

    For more on this topic… Financial Turmoil Explained: Me Speculating and Giving My Opinion About the Repo. Great channel.

  2. You JEW-WORLD Hillbilly Fuck….why at the 12:00 point do you start to Lie…both gold and silver have been… and still are being manipulated…you have an agenda…like the rest.

  3. Kevin Douglas

    This video is like watching a baby bird try to fly for the first time. My hands are tired from just watching.

  4. Aney thing that YOU have bought with there Money!! The Federal Reserve/ Bank of England they Consider there's. We're you awear if this? And if You don't think this is true! Read there periodicals.

  5. Barbara Wilson

    This guy is right on. I hope lots of people tune into what he's saying. We're about to go down like the Titanic. Our politicos just want to rearrange the deck chairs.

  6. It's Tuesday 17/12/2019 & YOU WERE WRONG! Stop listening to your local village gypsy. There will be DEBT FORGIVENESS followed by a financial reset. the criminal banksters know what they are doing.

  7. Gold is reaching and stabilize historical plateau (silver too) and prices will be in the range 1000-1500 dollars per oz. Personally, I believe that prices in the range 800-1000 are more reasonable and stimulative for gold trade.

  8. There is no market in the USSA, just like there was no market in the USSR when it folded in the late 1980s. There is no price discovery in the USSA. The American Middle Class has been strip-mined by the Fed's Socialism for the Billionaires.

  9. America Fears Everything that Moves . Nothing New . They are like a Spoilt Child Demanding their Daily Fix .

  10. Let's see if I have this straight: Bank A sells treasuries overnight to bank B who sells them back to Bank A for no reason whatsoever and there is a problem because they don't have enough money to make these useless transactions? Or is this just another tax payer too big to fail rip off scam?

  11. it is clear that the bid went up because there was no cash… but why was there no cash is my question? These charts are nice and neat but where did the money go? 😀

  12. Ok. Ex lender here. Repo is short for "reposession". In the securities market it is "repurchase" but its function is still the same. And it's not overnight, it is constant as some accounts (x million) go into bad debt. Reporter is trying to fool you.

    The money lent to banks goes everywhere to everyone. Some are credit cards. Most are business loans, mortgages and auto loans (due to their amount). Some are private student loans, small loans, etc (credit).

    When the money being lent to banks (for businesses and consumers) isn't being paid back in full plus interest, it goes into collections and then repo. Most are forclosures, actual repo men taking cars and other collateral, or judgements by the court. For securities, the security used as collateral is siezed.

    So when the collections arm of the credit system goes kaput, things will be devalued to reflect the actual price plus some to still turn a profit.

    But, billions and or trillions are wiped out and this leads to businesses having issues with profitability down the road, people finding quality goods, low employee hiring, redundancies…you know 2008ish stuff.

    But, if the credit system cannot get collections back on track for the long term, that would be the end of the credit system, possibly the consumer system, economy if the countries using the credit system don't switch to lease and layaway.

  13. thebrightknightrises

    Would have been a lot more easier for you to explain and for us to understand if you had used actual bank names.

  14. So basically when the Fed jumps in to help the Repo market, they have to print more money just to help out the banks or whoever needs the cash. This of course means our dollar value just got devalued so the banks can continue to make money off of us! Another bank bailout at the expense of the taxpayers.

  15. The fact that Wall Street is worried is actually a positive sign. Usually, they abuse their methods to oblivion

  16. William Burkenroad

    the system is obviously stupid … I have a Series 6 & 63 Financial consulting License 2002 – GE Financial Assurance now Genworth – in two minutes I can provide a generational transformation of USA for financial security & health security – the system does not yet want solutions is’all

  17. William Burkenroad

    Sounds like both r providing none of their own capital so it’s a ‘scheme’ obviously… banks should act as the conduit but not the profiteers…

  18. Astonishingly simplistic. So, the .1% 'spike' caused the fed to inject hundreds of billions of dollars into the banking system, and oh yeah, they have to keep doing this every day for months just to make sure everything behaves according to their 'plan'… no plan, no clue, useless explanation.

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