UPDATE: Year End Liquidity Crisis for Repo Market, QE4

This is an update to the previous video done on the repo market and quantitative easing.

Link to that video:
YEAR END LIQUIDITY CRISIS: Quantitative Easing and Repo Market Explained

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Links to material if you would like to read more:

WSJ – Repo Fix Requires Wall Street, Fed Collaboration

BIS Report on September issues

FRED – Fed Balance Sheet

Norway Quota System

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4 thoughts on “UPDATE: Year End Liquidity Crisis for Repo Market, QE4”

  1. Manny -The Average Investor

    Nice update, i agree the stock market has definitely benefited from the cash infusion. But also a slippery slope.

  2. Problem solved, I worked it out. The Fed can create,
    By pressing the number 1 key once, and then holding down the zero key for 2 seconds. It's difficult and tiresome for them, but somehow they manage to do it. The big question is, are they going to hold that zero down 0.5 seconds or 1 second or 2 seconds? The world awaits, with bated breath.

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