What is the "Repo Market?" You need to understand this…

So the USA Federal Reserve has been engaged in a new type of market intervention intended to keep the banks afloat and prevent an economy crash. The level of intervention is unprecedented, it’s a massive sign of weakness, and nearly nobody is talking about it. But YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT IT! In this video I explain what it is and why you should follow it.

Here is the video I did about a year ago where I was telling all of you a financial market crash is coming.

I believe we are literally in that crash right now… but rather then letting the crash happening and then AFTER the crash… the Gov/Fed jumping in to help… they are jumping in NOW with more intervention then after the last crash. The “emergency measures” that were done to pull the US Economy out of a hole in Black Monday (1987), The DotCom crash (1999), the Housing Bubble crash (2008) are being done NOW and MORE then before! But this time the banks are doing them BEFORE THE CRASH.

Let’s put this in simple terms… in times of prosperity.. in a booming economy… you are not doing these things…
– Massively adding to your credit card balance.
– Begging your creditors to lower the interest rate so you don’t go bankrupt
– Borrowing LARGE amounts of cash every night so your bank account does not go negative.

Those are ALL signs of massive weakness. That’s what is happening right now! Don’t take my word for it… get out there and verify it for yourselves!

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18 thoughts on “What is the "Repo Market?" You need to understand this…”

  1. What a scam these pedophile elite banking families have built…..the ability to control the currency, print money out of thin air, lend it and collect interest. And to top it off, they STEAL trillions via the backdoor ($21T missing from the Pentagon) and they can't even keep their shit together (repos, QE, bailouts, recessions, negative rates). This system is the greatest theft and crime in history.

  2. Thank you for the much needed explaination!!! I know we are heading to a spectacular crash…im debt free and prepared…. Let the SHTF!!!

  3. Well done Edwin. It's all about perception. All it will take for houses of cards to come crashing down is a change of the public's perception… a small left of field crisis will do that. e.g. Martial law declared in Hong Kong in January 2020 … that small thing could set the snowball/s rolling.

  4. Hyperinflation makes everyone wealthy , just look back to the Wiemar event or Zimbabwe with the
    100 trillion paper notes .

  5. You need to look at this internationally. The REPO market exploded with required Fed intervention because of Deutchebank. Full stop end of story. The US TBTF banks have large exposure to DBs derivative book, and now due to unknown counterparty exposure, banks like Goldman and others, due to Basel III requirements, had to stop lending in the Repo market. If the Fed hadnt stepped in to fund Repo to DB, Repo rates would have skyrocketed, and DB would have failed due to interest costs on its derivatives book. All because the ECB will not backstop/bailout European banks.
    The Fed had to step in in order to maintain relevancy. If it cant control short term rates, its useless and the other shoes will drop.

  6. Good video.
    Couldn't agree more.
    I like it how you laid down cold hard facts and didn't try to predict the future too far outside the charts in front of you.
    Let's face it, QE is still new, we don't know enough about it and no one knows when exactly it will backfire but something will give eventually just like it always has.

  7. Jacob Rodricson

    Thanks to Congress the insurance companys are draining the economy of course they work for the fed share holders the insurance companys are their tentacles and shape your life with their laws to limit their liabilities your free work that's it for them it's their game and they own to you

  8. The multi-day repos (term repos) are what is causing most of the balance sheet expansion. If you stagger 14 day, 28 day 30+day repos it starts to add up.

  9. Everything will be great. Until it isn't. And everyone will act surprised. And people will suffer. This isn't just the financial system.
    The same thing goes, for the ecosystem, the family system, the education system, the food system, the infrastructure system and the energy system. We are in the midst of a slow collapse that will soon accelerate.

  10. The financial TV stations don't really talk about this. They are more like infomercials for Wall Street and the Fed. Most people think everything is great.

  11. So is a bank run even possible with the FED backing them? Will the FED just print all the money needed if people keep making withdrawals?
    Would you recommend removing cash from banks?

  12. What does he mean when he says jobs numbers isn't real? Does he mean unemployment? Or the created jobs per month number? And how are they fake? Everything else I understand but I dont get fake job numbers.

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