19 thoughts on “What’s Behind the Fed’s Bailout of the Repo Market?”

  1. I don't agree with the last statement.
    By participating in the repo market, the Fed could be be bailing out other big players, like banks, who also need cash on hand. Not just firms that are taking highly leveraged bets.
    And if that is the case, then the problem is much bigger than this: it means that there is a generalized lack of liquidity, despite the Fed having low interest rates. That is very unsettling.

  2. Banks don't have the collateral to fund Fed funds due to crowding into interest on excess reserves accounts? The federal reserve has stepped in to save their nameplate?
    Billions here and billions there even J.Dimon got on television to not address his problems?
    My team is not out to destroy the world , just own it.

  3. Whose money is it after all? Not mine, not yours. We have right to usage, that's all. Getting pissed at this is pointless. It's not mine.

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