What’s Really Wrong with the Repo Market? – Martin Armstrong -Ok Boomer, Ok Millennial, Ok…

Martin Armstrong is back explaining what’s really happening in the Repo market. It’s all about Europe. It’s a function of the Euro’s failure and the march into the safe-haven US Dollar. The Repo crisis is about Deutch Bank going down and the European politicians refuse to bail it out, what happens next? No one wants to merge with it, it’s the red-headed step child of international banking. The US Dollar has no choice but to keep going up. Dow is headed much, much higher. Gold will take off as confidence in the system ebbs. US Government debt is still the standard and will remain so for a while to come.
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Mechanics of repurchase agreements (repo transactions/loans)
More free lessons at: http://www.khanacademy.org/video?v=QWninXOAMXE

37 thoughts on “What’s Really Wrong with the Repo Market? – Martin Armstrong -Ok Boomer, Ok Millennial, Ok…”

  1. There is a story that the DNC gave uncle Bernie $1million and bought a nice mansion on the lake in Vermont! Poor Uncle Bernie!!!

  2. If I had a single £20 English note left over that has been cancelled, it is not technically worthless. The Bank of England will 'credit' you a new one that's in circulation. However, I take Armstrong's point that if I had twenty thousand pounds worth of notes, they'd be asking where did I get that sum of cash from.

  3. Liberty Springs

    If we get high inflation at some point and the fed lets it go higher without raising rates, a few more people will buy gold, but it would take near hyperinflation to get some people to do anything other than a CD. If China and India etc bail on the dollar though they may buy some gold but I would guess they'd rather buy farmland or mines etc with it. No country wants gold to rise because all countries want their citizens to use their local fiat. Eventually gold will rise but not until the yuan rises with it.

  4. armstrong, the forcaster, tuned down his volume in 2014 after he incorrectly forcasted a crash in the gold price to the 900$ level…..i wonder who are those "preofessionals" who attend his conferences

  5. I don’t know what he’s talking about gold is going up pretty nicely I got it at $950-$1000 an ounce so I’m pretty happyBought a hell of a lot of silver at $13.70 pretty happy there to. Gold went to $1500 an ounce silver just went up $.50 today

  6. This guts a liar and a fraud. I see Lutz took my comment down. Armstrong says Karl Marx said he could manipulate the market. Where in Marx's book did he say that??? That's a lie. He didn't write his book. He had a bunch of FLUNKYS in Thailand write it. He, Armstrong was in prison. Why was he in prison??? Lutz= nuts.

  7. Millenials are the HENRY generation. Boomers are the Gimme generation. Both are fools with money, associating it with vanity.

  8. Panama papers, $50 + trillion in hidden, offshore accounts! Institutionalized theft and this dysfunctional, biased financial system is corrupt to the core, a cartel run by a mafia-style psychotic tyranny! AND NOTHING IS CHANGING

  9. Taxing companies on their worldwide income does not increase their costs, only reduces the size of their after tax profits. Also, US companies only pay taxes on that foreign earned income if they repatriate it, not if they keep the profits abroad, as they often do.

  10. China will "take the crown" by 2030? No way. Too many fake gdp numbers, too much malinvestment, too much debt, still too technologically backward–and their working age population is shrinking rapidly.

  11. 3:33 I went to a Starbucks the other day and tried to sell a Gold 1oz eagle for $25.
    Can you believe it all the youth today they did not want to waste $25 dollars on a 1oz gold coin.
    Let this be a lesson that the youth today have no clue on what is money and what is going on.
    Smart people are making millions from taking money from the youth.

  12. The World Through My Mind

    It is a one party system anyway.The politicians are in the pocket of the large corporations and banks. The feigned 2 party system is like the wrestling industry great entertainment for distraction.

  13. Wojciech Dąbrowski

    Is not it wrong side of balance sheet? When bank sells treasury note to fed with an agreement to repurchase it, should not it be reflected as a repo trasanction, so liability (funding) side?

  14. Michael Turner-Smith

    I would think that the lender would give you $20k for the difference. In the world, especially nowadays, it should be that way.

  15. Three Dogs and a Camper

    Apparently there was a panic in the repo market today so I’m watching this to try understand what happened…

  16. After 7:00 Actually from borrower's perspective, it is a repurchase agreement (repo) (because he will be repurchasing the watch to settle the transaction) and from the lender's perspective, it is a resale agreement (reverse repo) (because he will be reselling the watch). I suppose Sal used the terms other way round.

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