Women the Media and Trump

Just a Man’s Opinion

For the last 36 hours the media has splashed headlines across the Internet telling us that Trump’s inauguration was under attended  in comparison to President Obama’s  and TV ratings were substantially behind Obama’s first inauguration.  Also that the Women’s March the next day speaks volumes about how divided the country is.

 I have observations and questions about these topics.  First the inauguration, Comparing the TV ratings and crowd size of these two separate events is ludicrous.  For 200+ years the United States has elected a white male President. Once you have seen one inaugurated you have seen them all.  There was a bit of something different when Reagan was elected as he was an actor (first acknowledged one) and the country was just coming out of a difficult recession.  Besides that pretty much every President was a career politician and gave us no real reason to turn on our TV’s or go to Washington to see the inauguration.


Mr. Obama was elected and was the First Black man elected to the Presidency of the United States.  Of course he had high viewership and huge attendance at his first inauguration.  We all wanted to see history being made.  Notice that his second swearing in was not as well attended.  It wasn’t new anymore and we had seen it already.

President Trump has put us back in the white male mold which even though he is a non-politician who has been pushing the nation’s buttons he is still not something new.  That he got television ratings more comparable to Reagan then any of the more recent white Presidents should at least tell you something.

  As it was not comparable to Obama’s wait until the first Hispanic or Asian President is elected.

 My second observation and comment goes towards the Women’s March on Jan 21.  The media’s portrayal of these women being anti Trump does not tell the whole story.  2016 presented the FIRST time a women was a candidate for the Presidency of the United States of America. I know women who went to Washington for this march and it was not solely about Trump.  It was about women not being respected enough in this country to be a President of the United States.  The female gender lost an election even though they are basically 50% of the country’s population.  They are upset that they lost more than they are about Trump.  I believe that Mahatma Gandhi could have beat Mrs. Clinton and there still would have been this type of consternation.  Maybe Madonna wouldn’t have gone on her expletive rant but there still would have been rallies against the new President.

  Just think about this for a few moments.  Women who have been treated badly in this country for most of its existence had a chance to finally break the glass ceiling of politics in this country and they didn’t do it. Their gender did not support them nor did the ignorant men who must have voted Trump into the White House.

(Side Note – I have had more women ask me who I voted for in this election then cumulative over my entire life.  No one seemed to care until now.)

Final observation, I have also noticed in my conversations that Mrs. Clinton’s voters.  They don’t blame any of this loss on her or her campaign.  I believe if the first female Presidential Candidate was not embroiled in multiple mishaps (being polite) then maybe more people would have trusted her to be President.

Again, the point is that in my opinion, women were in such hurry to get a female elected President that they didn’t take the time to find the right one and figured anyone was better then what they had now.  Mrs. Clinton seduced women into thinking that she would hoist their banner and lead them forward into the next generation.  Maybe women should be looking at her for someone to blame?

Again just a Man’s Opinion

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